Tori Roloff Discovers "Christmas Magic" Amid Ongoing Pandemic

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It's easy to remain positive when everything in life is going well, you know?

The challenge is to find a silver lining, to remain optimistic and grateful, in the face of true suffering and/or bad fortune.

In other words: In the face of 2020.

Tori and Zach on Christmas

For most Americans, this has been the worst year of their lives.

They've lost loved ones to COVID-19 or lost their jobs as a result of this virus or simply lost touch with so many friends or family members.

It's been as tough as it gets.

But Tori Roloff is here to say she has not lost faith.

Tori Roloff, Masked Up

So “Christmas Eve” at church looked a little different this year but I’ve never been more grateful to share the good news with people who I love most," the mother of two wrote a few days ago to a caption of her immediate family sitting by their tree.

She continued as follows:

"We still got all dressed up and sang through our masks. I’ve found more Christmas magic this year than I have in a long time.

"I think this time (and the wise @josezayas) has taught me... you can’t find peace from within."

Roloffs at Farm

The Little People, Big World then explained what she meant by this, concluding:

It comes from my relationship with God. I can see the joy of Jesus in both my kids, and for that I am grateful.

Thank you @26westchurch family for a beautiful “Christmas Eve” service!

Pumpkin Season Time!!

Pretty impressive perspective, isn't it?

It is through humble messages such as this that Tori has built up an Instagram following of over one million people.

She doesn't look to stir up controversy and she certainly doesn't post scandalous photos of any kind.

She just tries to relate to her fans and tries to inspire as many as she can.

Tori Roloff and Hubby

Way back in April, early on in the coronavirus pandemic, Roloff expressed gratitude of a similar kind.

"Today I was walking around the farm and stopped to feed Lilah girl in the gazebo where Zach and I got married," wrote Tori back then, continuing as follows:

"Wow. It was in that moment I realized how blessed I am.

"In these crazy times of uncertainty it’s really made me slow down and appreciate every moment of every day.

"Our family is so lucky to be able to get outside and get exercise and we realize this isn’t a luxury afforded to everyone."

Tori, Zach and Lilah

Concluded the beloved reality star:

I really pray that y’all are staying mentally healthy though. Even sitting out in your backyard for a picnic can have such a positive influence on your day.

We’re all in this together people!! Praying your healthy right now!

Amen, Torri.

Tori and Zach Rolof Together

We'd llke to send the happiest of holiday wishes to this TLC personality, to all of those close to her -- and, of course, to you, our much appreciated readers.

Merry Christmas!

And have a happy new year!

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