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We’ve all been waiting for it. We all knew it was coming eventually.

Now Teresa Giudice has gone ahead and done it, folks.

She’s taken her romance with Luis Ruelas to a new level.

An official level … by sharing the following photo on Instagram!

Luis Ruelas and Teresa
Photo via Instagram

Indeed: the 48-year old Real Housewives of New Jersey star stalwart made her relationship with Ruelas known to all on Tuesday when she posted a cuddled-up photo of the couple on Instagram.

"The BEST thing that came out of 2020," she wrote, adding two heart emojis.

Louis Ruelas Kisses Teresa

Considering 2020 was filled with way too many celebrity deaths and lay person deaths, as the result of the coronavirus pandemic, our first thought is that this was a pretty low bar to clear.

But, hey, at least Luis Ruelas cleared it.

With room to spare, we presume.

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas Pic

It was confirmed back in November that the veteran and polarizing Bravo star was dating the businessman – and they have only gotten more serious in the time since.

As you can see above, other photos of Giudice and Rueles have even been shared online – just not by Teresa until now.

Teresa Giudice is Backstage
Photo via Instagram

"She is very happy, but taking things very slow," a source close to Giudice told celebrity news magazine People in late 2020.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Ruelas is the co-founder and EVP of Business Development at Digital Media Solutions.

That company is located in Clearwater, Florida.

Teresa Giudice in Summer

“His extensive entrepreneurship experience, hustler mentality and competitive spirit culminate with his love of family and passion for community,” the profile reads.

Yes, the term "hustler mentality" was used.

When he’s not hustling, he’s a family man!

Photo via Bravo

“A father of two sons, Luis spends a great deal of time advocating for children with special needs with a particular focus on Autism given his son’s condition.”

Fortunately, they not only reside in the same country, but quite close by.

He now lives in Allendale, N.J., which is pretty darn close to where Teresa and her four daughters live.

Photo via Instagram

Teresa’s post, meanwhile, earned the reality star a slew of support from her fellow Housewives, including Margaret Josephs, who wrote: "You deserve all the happiness and love."

"So happy for you," added Jennifer Aydin.

Photo via Instagram

Winning the approval of her friends and co-stars is one thing. Her four daughters and family, on the other hand?

Teresa’s ex-husband Joe Giudice did not comment directly on the page that features the photo.

But at least so far, he’s sounded surprisingly cool with Teresa’s relationship in general.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Throwback

“What’s she going to do, stay alone forever?” Joe responded recently when asked about his former wife moving on.

Referring to his incarceration for bankruptcy fraud, followed by his deportation, Giudice added at the time:

“That’s not fair as well."

Teresa Giudice on a Set
Photo via BRAVO

Look, if I would have got out and I would have been able to go home, who knows what would happen?"

"Maybe we’d still be in the same situation," he mused. "Maybe not. I don’t know."

"Things change after so many years.”

Photo via Instagram

It’s true. Things change.

And being deported to another country with no plans to return to the U.S. sure makes it tough for just about any relationship.

And, hey, Joe has a new lover, too, these days. So perhaps things are going as well as they can for everyone involved.

Joe Giudice on His Insta

Following nearly a full year of speculation, and respective prison sentences for both parties, Joe and Teresa pulled the plug on their marriage in December 2019.

"Teresa and Joe have split, but everyone saw it coming. No one is really surprised,” an insider said to In Touch Weekly back then, adding:

“Even their daughters knew it was coming."

Teresa Giudice Insta Photo

The source continued that after all they’ve been through, there was a sense shared by all parties involved that this was the turning of a page:

"Their recent trip to Italy was all about spending quality time together and discussing the real issue at hand – they were splitting up.”

And that’s all there is to it.

Joe Giudice, daughters, and Teresa Giudice in the Bahamas
Photo via Instagram

Sometimes, when one door closes, another opens. And it’s a good thing.

Here’s wishing the family the best in this next phase of their lives.

Meanwhile, Luis is gonna propose to Teresa soon, he says!