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Luis Ruelas is looking to make an honest woman out of Teresa Giudice.*

(Okay, granted, Giudice pleased guilty in 2016 to bankruptcy fraud and then spent many months in jail for, literally and legally, not being honest. So Ruelas has quite the challenge ahead of him.)

Following many weeks of speculation, the burgeoning Bravo star has now turned these rumors into a reality.

Luis Ruelas and Girlfriend
Photo via Instagram

Ruelas has confirmed that he plans to propose to Giudice.

A TMZ cameraman approached The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member late last week, asking her and her serious boyfriend whether they plan on getting married.

Yes, absolutely, Ruelas replied.

On three separate occasions during his brief exchange with TMZ, Luis said he hopes to one day settle down with Teresa.


Back in March, the polarizing Real Housewives of New Jersey star laid out $3 million on a new mansion in the Garden State.

She and Ruelas will reportedly be living in the giant house together, only fueling chatter around the Internet that Luis will soon put a ring on it.

The couple only just started dating this past fall, but the feeling appear to be quite strong on both sides.

“After all she’s been through, prison and her divorce from Joe, she feels like she’s finally bounced back and gotten her life back,” an insider previously told In Touch.

“She says meeting Luis was a gift from God and she feels like the luckiest girl in the world."

Teresa Giudice Teases Fans

Giudice has been candid about Ruelas oon Instagram as well.

"I want to keep swinging a life time with you!!!" she wrote as a caption to the following snapshot just three days ago, after having referred to Ruelas about a week before as "Mi Amor."

That translates into My Love.

Says it all, doesn’t it?

Photo via Instagram

Last Saturday night, meanwhile, Teresa posted sweet videos of Luis and her children making pizza.

While some critics out there have accused Ruelas of being a total horndog who has already cheated on Giudice or will someday for cerrtain, Giudice seems unbothered by such criticism.

Her relationship is providing her with new storyline fodder during a time when her role on Bravo, according to various outlets, had been growing stale.

Teresa was even worried for a bit that she might get fired.

Luis Ruelas with Teresa
Photo via Instagram

“She’s being watched by the network and [needs] a story to stir the pot," Page Six claimed a few months ago, adding:

[She’s] too expensive and they can filter through different women.

"She’s desperately trying to stay relevant."

Teresa Giudice with Boyfriend
Photo via Instagram

Giudice has been a prominent member of the cast since the show first aired in 2009.

After over two decades of marriage, she and Joe Giudice finalized their divorce in September.

They share four daughters and Joe lives in Italy after getting deported from the United States for his role in committing a felony while NOT being a citizen of this amazing country.