Meri Brown Echoes Queen Elsa, Says She Must "Let It Go"

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On the surface, Meri Brown does not have a lot in common with arguably the most famous Disney queen of all-time.

This Sister Wives star is known for starring on television, for starters, not the movies.

Unlike Elsa of Arendelle, she doesn't have any magical powers and, as far as we know, is not a great singer.

Meri Brown on Herr Instagram

HOWEVER, Meri has now echoed the exact sentiment that made Elsa so beloved to children across all ages, races and ethnicities.

When it comes to certain problems or obstacles from her past, Meri believes one needs to simply let them go.

On Monday, the veteran TLC personality did what she does best -- and most often -- these days, sharing a meme on her Instagram Stories page that is seemingly a reference to three things.

Those three things would be...

Meri Brown on Her Own

1. Her marriage.

2. Her spiritual husband, Kody Brown.

3. Her dissatisfaction with the above two items.

As always, Meri did not cite Kody by name.

She never does when saying such things as only she can make herself happy and she doesn't need the love of any individual... let alone any selfish and entitled individual.

Meri Brown Sizzles

Instead, Meri simply shared the following message this week:

Whatever comes, let it come. What stays, let it stay. What goes, let it go.

Are we reading way too far between the lines if we interpret this to mean that she's letting Kody and all the problems that come along with him go?

Not really. Not if you paid attention to the supposed couple's interactions on the latest season of Sister Wives.

meri let it go

Earlier this year, viewers witnessed Kody and Meri attending various sessions of couples counseling.

At one point, Kody freely admitted that he wished he had never married Meri, while Meri said the romance was over.

Long over.

Kaput. Gone. Dead as the proverbial doorknob.

Meri Brown in a Cap

So, come on now. Let's be frank, okay?

When Meri writes something about letting go, it really is evident what she's talking about.

Heck, this is someone who doesn't even wear her wedding ring most of the time.

“The relationship between he and I is gone, it’s dead, it’s over," Meri told her therapist several months ago, not long after Kody said the two got married after a “very fast courtship" and added:

“I didn’t know who I was marrying. I am just done with hearing how am wrong.”

Meri in Black and White

Meri and Kody share a daughter named Mariah... and a similar stance on where their relationship is headed.

And it isn't anywhere positive.

Last week, the Sister Wives cast member shared a happy selfie on her profile with a caption that read:

"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says 'Oh crap, she's up!'"

Meri Brown in Her Mask

She wrote this after confessing that she was struggling a lot, which prompted an outpouring of support from fans and followers.

These folks took to Meri's Comments section to encourage Meri, saying she looked "happier," "beautiful" and "glowing."

Many of them also told her to leave Kody and never look back -- once and for all, and for the world to see.

In case we haven't made out opinion on this topic known strongly enough by now, let's just say we agree. And then some!

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