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Meri Brown has hinted around it for months now.

But she appeared to come right out and say it on Instagram this week…

Photo via Instagram

Kody Brown has not made her happy in a very, very, VERY long time.

This should not come across as breaking news to anyone who follows the Sister Wives star on social media.

Over and over and then over again throughout 2020, the veteran TLC personality has beaten around the marital bush, alleging strongly that she was dissatisfied with her spiritual husband.

Dissatisfied… but not defeated, as Meri recently made clear.

Meri Brown for LuLaRoe: A Photo
Photo via Instagram

Earlier this week, meanwhile, Brown posted a new meme online.

"Be with someone who makes you happy," Meri wrote, except she wrote it like this:

"Be with someone who makes you happy."

In other words? Don’t rely on someone else for happiness. You need to be happy with yourself above all else… and anyone else.

This is an old adage, really, but it’s more applicable than ever before for Meri, who legally split from Kody in 2014.

The two have been on an up-and-down-and-then-very-far-down journey ever since, with Meri trying to date outside her plural marriage a few years ago… only to get ambushed online by a catfisher.

Last season on Sister Wives, Kody and Meri said they were starting fresh, coming right out and saying they were gonna try to just "date" again.

But then, this season on Sister Wives, they attended couples counseling together and both sides admitted the relationship was over.

Meri Brown Sizzles
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Meri has been in Utah over the past several weeks, attending to her bed and breakfast in that state, while also confessing that she isn’t in a great place at the moment.

“Sometimes days are hard. Sometimes months are hard. Sometimes you just gotta take a break. To breathe. To recharge. To refill your cup so you can give your best,” the mother of one wrote on Instagram.

“The last couple months have been this for me.

"Some days I go to bed at 6 p.m. because I don’t have the energy to function. Some days I’m up till midnight, or one, or two, because my mind won’t stop racing.

"But I keep going, because that’s what I do. That’s what I always do.”

Meri Brown Grows Concerned
Photo via TLC

Interesting to read these words in light of Brown’s latest message about being happy, isn’t it?

We really hope the reality star is doing okay these days.

“Sometimes letting things go is hard,” Meri later admitted online, following her marital drama with Kody.

“But I can do hard things! I can do amazing things. I surround myself (as virtual as it must be right now) with my people. The people who see the best in me, the people who want the best for me, the people who support me.

"I’m grateful for my people.”

Meri Brown on Herr Instagram
Photo via Instagram

It’s extremely obvious at this point that Kody isn’t one of those people.

Neither, it seems, are Sister Wives Robyn, Janelle or Christine.

And that’s likely for the best, wouldn’t you say?