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In case you haven’t heard, 2020 has been a terrible year.

That’s what happens when a virus breaks out across a country, kills over 270,000 people and shuts down schools, businesses and lives in general.

For veteran Teen Mom cast member Mackenzie McKee, however?

mckee and mom

Her really awful year got started a few weeks before the calendar flipped.

On December 9, 2019, Mackenzie’s mother, Angie, died from cancer.

She had battled the horrible disease in public for about two years, serving as both an inspiration to those who knew her best and also those who only knew her from television.

Right around the time Mackenzie lost her mom, she wrote a beautiful tribute to Angie.

Photo via Instagram

Now, on the 12-month anniversary of this passing, McKee has done so again.

"1 year ago today I watched you take your last breath on earth," the mother of three wrote in an address to her own mother on Wednesday, adding via Instagram:

"A whole year without my glue. Have you ever tried to fix a broken glass object without glue?

"That’s how this year was for me."

Mackenzie With Angie
Photo via Instagram

Mackenzie has been very open about the pain of this loss ever since it happened.

She’s been in the spotlight for difficulty within her marriage and for a few questionable question ads in which she promoted a few questionable products.

But let’s not lose sight of the tragiic bottom line here.

This is someone who has been living in a haze of despair for a year now.

Hug for Angie
Photo via Instagram

Concluded McKee in regard to the past 365 days:

I grew more than ever. Cried more than ever, a lot of days I didn’t even get out of bed, but also I fought to do and be better more than ever.

Thank you for always believing in me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for reminding me until the day you left earth that I matter and to reach for the stars.

Everyday I strive to make you proud. And thank you for choosing your last days on earth to inspire this world. You are missed momma bear.

Mackenzie and Angie
Photo via Instagram

Angie was only 50 years old when she passed away.

As loyal MTV viewers know well, she served as an influential force in the 16 and Pregnant alum’s life, often sharing motivational messages about remaining positive … despite her cancer diagnosis.

Mackenzie has struggled with serious depression since Angie’s death.

She’s even admitted to contemplating suicide.

Mackenzie McKee and Late Mom
Photo via MTV

Back in May, this is what Mackenzie said to her husband, Josh:

“Even though I am trying, a lot is going on right now and I need help. Sometimes you don’t like when I cry out to you, but it is very hard to want to be alive right now…

"Something has got to happen because something bad is going to happen."

So Many Challenges Ahead
Photo via MTV

After Josh sort of blew her off, McKee later told one of the MTV producers:

“This is the support I have from him. I’m not going to do anything to myself cause I love my kids so much, but I hate being alive.

"It’s so painful. I’ve tried to have this conversation with him every single day and he just walks away from me."

Just tragic stuff all around.

Mackenzie McKee with Mom
Photo via Instagram

We join Mackenzie is paying tribute to Angie on this very sad occasion.

And we hope Angie’s friends, family members and loved ones are healing as much as one can after such a painful loss.

May Angie continue to rest in perpetual peace.