Mackenzie McKee Pays Loving Tribute to Parents as Her Mother Braces For Death

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This is a very difficult holiday season for the family of former Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee.

McKee's mother, Angie Douthit, has been battling cancer for several years, and last week, she made the difficult decision to end her treatment and enter hospice care.

As Mackenzie and her loved ones brace for the inevitable, it seems they've decided to focus on enjoying the time they have left with Angie.

Mackenzie has been open about this painful process from the start, and she's still keeping her loyal fanbase updated as she prepares for the loss of a women she's described as her best friend.

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1. Bracing For Goodbye

Bracing For Goodbye
The end is near for Mackenzie McKee's beloved mother, Angie Douthit. Last week, Angie ended her cancer treatments and entered hospice care.

2. A Heartbreaking Update

A Heartbreaking Update
Mackenzie posted this photo of her mother in hospice care. By Angie's side, as usual, is her loving husband, Brad Douthit.

3. A Loving Tribute

A Loving Tribute
The photo was one of several that Angie posted on Instagram in honor of her parents and their marriage.

4. Her Lobster

Her Lobster
“Her lobster [lobster emoji], his princess [princess emoji],” Mackenzie captioned the photos.

5. A Lifelong Romance

A Lifelong Romance
"Daddy, you are such a wonderful man. Thank you for loving her so fiercely since you were a young boy,” McKee added.

6. A Touching Reference

A Touching Reference
Fans of the popular '90s sitcom Friends will recognize Mackenzie's "lobster" reference from the episode in which Phoebe gushed that the sea creatures mate for life.

7. An Outpouring of Compassion

An Outpouring of Compassion
Mackenzie's fan base is large and loyal, and many of her followers were quick to comment on the post with words of love and support.

8. Wise Words

Wise Words
“True love never fades,” one fan commented.

9. Couple Goals

Couple Goals
“This hurts but makes me so happy at the same time!" another follower remarked. "What a genuine love! I can only wish for a man like him to live my life with. Your family is always in my thoughts,”

10. A Tragic Turn

A Tragic Turn
This latest update on Angie's condition comes on the heels of Mackenzie's heartbreaking revelation that her mother will no longer be undergoing treatment for her cancer.

11. The Bad News

The Bad News
“Today was a little rough. Scans showed results that were not good," Douthit wrote on Instagram.

12. An Agressive Return

An Agressive Return
"The cancer has grown in the liver and in the brain," she added. "There is also some hemorrhaging in the brain,”

13. The Worst News

The Worst News
On Twitter, Mackenzie confirmed that her mother would be entering hospice and receiving only palliative treatments from now on.

14. Mackenzie's Pain

Mackenzie's Pain
“As you pray today for momma please pray that she not be in pain anymore. Everything hurts right now and she is miserable,” McKee tweeted.

15. As Close as Can Be

As Close as Can Be
Mackenzie and her mother have always been very close, and Angie's courage throughout her battle with cancer has made her a favorite among Teen Mom fans.

16. A Storybook Marriage

A Storybook Marriage
Both Mackenzie and her fans have drawn inspiration from the loving, supportive relationship between Angie and Brad.

17. Love Story

Love Story
“They’ve been my favorite love story my entire life. I’ve always wanted a guy to love me like my dad loves my mom my whole life,” Mackenzie said during a September interview.

18. Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers
Our thoughts go out to Angie, Mackenzie, and their loved ones during this incredibly difficult time.

19. Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned
We'll continue to update you on this heartbreaking situation as further information becomes available.

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