Kylie Jenner Flaunts Cleavage In the Forest: Nature's Got Nothing On My Boobs!

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Writing about Kylie Jenner's Instagram page is a lot like teaching Shakespeare.

All we're doing here is taking something that everyone already knows is great and explaining why it's great -- and yet somehow, the exercise never gets old.

Kylie Jenner Underboob Pic

Now that all the angry people have rushed to the comments to blast us for comparing Kylie Jenner to Shakespeare, let's talk about the latest creative display of Kylie's boobs, shall we?

This time we find ourselves in a seasonally appropriate nature scene.

With her Grinch makeup and posts about counting down the days until Christmas, Kylie has been in a festive mood lately.

Kylie Jenner in Grinch Chic

But not today.

No, today finds Kyile in a rugged, outdoorsy state of mind.

Or at the very least, she decided to step outside for a few minutes and stand in front of some trees so that she'd have an excuse to show off her winter style.

Kylie Jenner: Winter Boobs

Whatever the case, we're not complaining.

Clearly, Kylie was feeling ambitious today, and she posed for several pics which showcased her famous physique from all the important angles.

If, like us, you spend entirely too much time on the internet, you're probably aware there's been a good deal of talk about a recent change in the 23-year-old's figure.

Kylie In the Woods

Namely, folks are convinced that Kylie is thicker than ever.

This may not be the most important topic of all time, but then again, it very well could be.

And if you recall our earlier discussion about Kylie's thighs, then you know we've been covering it in great detail, as befits a matter of such tremendous significance. 

Kylie Jenner: Cleavage In the Woods

Before we go any further, we should note that when fans discuss the recent Thickification of Kylie, they do some not as haters, but as appreciators.

There's no body shaming going on here, just astonishment that a seemingly flawless work of art can be approved upon, like if someone gave the Mona Lisa a rad mohawk or affixed a 10-inch dong to Michelangelo's David.

Look, 2020 hasn't been easy for anyone, but at least Kylie has been doing her best to bring a little joy into our lives every day.

She poses for endless selfies not for herself, but for the 202 million people who follow her, many of whom are desperate for any distraction from this crap-tastic year.

Or maybe she does it because those 202 million followers have helped make Kylie the world's youngest billionaire, and she understands the importance of holding their attention.

Does it matter? Boobs!

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