Kody Brown: Who Did He Snub on Thanksgiving?!?

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Kody Brown is married to four women.

This is the entire basis of the long-running TLC reality show Sister Wives.

And yet...

Kody Brown Sister Wives Photograph

... many viewers and social media users are no longer buying this sham of a concept.

They think they know the truth.

They've finally come to the conclusion that Kody is really only married to one woman -- which is literally the case.

In 2014, Kody filed to divorce Meri after multiple decades of marriage in order to wed Robyn Brown and legally adopt her children from a previous relationship.

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Ever since, there's been clear tension between Kody and his three spiritual spouses; most notably Meri, who rarely misses a chance to tell everyone she's single.

Where are we going with all of this?

We're going back in time, to Thanksgiving, and analyzing with whom Kody spent the holiday.

This may seem like a silly exercise to come, but it does shed light on Kody's connection to the Sister Wives and may advance the rumor that he simply is only close to one of them.

Kody Brown Talks a Lot

Let's start with this:

It appears as if Janelle spent Thanksgiving with her fellow wife Christine, which doesn't really come as a shock. The two are pretty tight.

“Pumpkin pie for breakfast is one of my longest standing traditions," wrote Janelle as a message on Instagram last week, tagging Christine and adding:

"I can remember eating it as a kid with my family, all the wonderful years that @christine_brownsw and I made sure we had enough pie on hand for breakfast, and this year is no different."

Kody Brown on the Finale

As for Meri?

She very clearly did not hang out with Kody on Thanksgiving because she was at her Utah bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, from where she has been posting for a few days now.

Where does this leave things?

Simple: Kody was with Robyn on Thanksgiving.

Kody Brown for Sister Wives

“I think Kody is grateful for COVID because it gives him an excuse to stay exclusively at Robyn’s," one Reddit user has theorized, adding:

"I thought I saw a recent picture of Mariah and Meri at the Inn so they might be holed up there.”

We're not gonna go as far as to say Kody is grateful that over 260,000 Americans have died frrom a virus that has put a halt to nearly everything in this country.

But general point taken, we suppose.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives, Thanksgiving 2019

Robyn and Kody own a home together in Arizona and most definitely spend more time together than Kody and any of his other spouses.

“Kody totally stayed at Robyn's," another person offered online, taking an opportunity to slam Robyn's abilities in the kitchen as follows:

"She probably had dinner catered because I don't think she knows how to cook even though she has that gorgeous kitchen.

"Christine or Jenelle's house had the best food.”

Robyn Brown Concerned

That's not especially kind.

But we do agree that Kody and Robyn were likely together for this special occasion -- not that we'd know it based on Robyn's use of Instagram.


Because she almost never uses it!

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives in Season 14

While Meri often leaves cryptic messages about her marriage and while we even have a reason to think Christine has left Kody... Robyn sort of just sits back in silence.

She has nothing to really complain about it and nothing mean to say about Kody.

The better question, to be honest, is not whether Robyn was with Kody on Thanksgiving.

Instead, it's this: Why would anyone ever want to be with Kody?!?

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