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As you can tell by the following photo, Jessa Duggar spent Thanksgiving with a bunch of loved ones.

She’s with her husband in the picture below… and many of her in-laws… and, quite possibly, another member of the family who is not as visible as these other relatives:

Her unborn child!

Jessa on Thanksgiving
Photo via Instagram

Indeed, amid chatter on social media Jessa is pregnant again — with twins, some believe! — the reality star posed alongside Ben Seewald and company just a few days ago.

It’s a sweet snapshot, as you can tell.

But many also think it’s a revealing one because Jessa is wearing a pair of sweat pants.

Why so casual for such a major holdiay, especially when Duggar comes from a family that is known for its strict dress code?

Photo via Instagram

There’s only one answer, right?


Sharing the above photo of Jessa and her family to Reddit, one user wrote:

"Blessa wearing her only 2 pairs of sweat pants to Thanksgiving at the Seewalds? Colour me shocked."

Another user speculated as follows, keeping it simple: "I bet she’s pregnant."

Jessa Duggar and Her Henry

To be fair, Jessa has worn sweatpants in the past — without having a fetus growing inside of her womb.

Consider the example that follows.

And yet… it doesn’t take a lot for folks to wonder whether a celebrity they follow is expecting.

And this is a Duggar family member, of course, so these questions are very often relevant. And accurate.

Added a third person on Reddit after seeing the first picturer on this page:

"She’s gotta be. Being pregnant is the only way she would be able to get away with wearing pants! When you’re pregnant modesty rules go out the window."

And then there was this remark:

"So, she’s probably pregnant or has covid and is spreading it to everyone. Money’s on pregnant though."

Son Snuggling

Jessa and Ben are parents to three kids already: daughter Ivy and sons Spurgeon and Henry.

They are ages one, three and five, respectively, which does actually lend some credence to this pregnancy rumor.

Just do the math, you know?

There’s a clear pattern here in terms of when Jessa and Ben choose to expand their immediate family, as they welcome another baby every other year or so.

Photo via Instagram

Therefore, if Jessa really is pregnant now? 

And she gives birth some time in 2021?

It fits in perfectly with the rate at which she and her husband have been going, child-wise and everything.

The only remaining question would then be this: Is Anna Duggar also pregnant?!?