Jessa Duggar: Did She Just Reveal She's Pregnant With Twins?!

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If there's any member of the Duggar family who has a shot at shattering Michelle's record for number of lives created, it's Jessa.

Along with her husband Ben Seewald, Jessa welcomed her third child, a girl named Ivy, last year.

Jessa Duggar and Her Henry

And it seems that the 27-year-old might have just hinted that she's ready to do it all over again.

And if the latest fan theory is correct, Jessa might become the first Duggar of her generation to carry on a family tradition by welcoming twins.

Now, it's important to note that Jessa has not made an official announcement or posted any sonogram pics, or anything of that nature.

Ivy Seewald With Dolls

But she has posted this photo of Ivy playing with two dolls.

Jessa captioned the pic, "A baby with her babies."

Again, no firm indication that she's expecting, but the post was enough to set off a tidal wave of speculation among her fans.

Jessa Seewald, Ben and Kids

"Practicing for twins since they run in your family," one follower commented.

On Reddit, in the always-amusing r/DuggarSnark subreddit, commenters were not so amused.

"How much do you want to bet she's hoping this sparks speculation that she's pregnant with twins?" one critic wrote.

Jessa Duggar In Quarantining

"Then she'll pretend to be annoyed that people are speculating."

"As soon as I saw the post I thought 'oh my god she’s training Ivy for two babies she’s going to announce twins,'" another added.

"She’s definitely pregnant. The bee shirts, not having her midsection even accidentally filmed, and now giving Ivy dolls," a third chimed in.

Jessa's Kids In Bee Shirts

"I know it’s common in even secular houses to give the most recent baby a doll to play with to prepare them for a new baby."

The "bee shirts" comment refers to the above photo of Jessa's three children.

Many fans noted that the shirts read "brother bee" and "sister bee," and there's likely a fourth in the set that says "bay-bee."

Ben and Jessa in the Hospital

"It’s so unfortunate these kids never get to be kids, monopolizing their parents' time before they have more," one fan wrote. 

"This just fuels the Jessa is pregnant fire," another noted.

This might seem like a lot of speculation based on what is essentially just two pics of Jessa's kids.

Ben Seewald on His Birthday

But the Duggars' whole world is centered around procreation, and Jessa has repeatedly hinted that she and Ben would like to sire a sizable brood.

However, there might not be a pregnancy in Jessa's immediate future, as the Seewalds have talked about adoption on numerous occasions.

“We’re not sure if our next baby will be adopted or not, but that’s something that has weighed heavily on our hearts since before we were married,” Jessa said in a recent interview.

Ben and Jessa Seewald on TLC

She added that she and Ben are looking forward to a "full house" of kids but are currently "taking it one at a time and we’re thankful for each one" 

So are there more children in Jessa's future? Almost certainly.

Is she knocked up at this very moment? Well ... it looks like only time will tell.

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