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If you know anything about the Duggar family, you know they have ridiculous rules for pretty much every aspect of life.

Of course, the guidelines most commonly discussed online have to do with premarital sex and “modest” attire.

The well-documented and maligned Duggar courtship rules and Duggar dress code are inherently linked, of course.

These codes both serve the same, dubious purpose of preemptively discouraging any sort of “impure” thoughts.

So to speak.

Mental imagery that causes young lovebirds to jump the gun and sample the wares before exchanging vows?

That’s a no go.

When Jim Bob’s daughters get married, their husbands get to decide what they wear in public, but until that point?

The dress code is unforgivingly rigid. Duggar girls and women are expected to dress “modestly” at all times.

Even while engaged in sports and other outdoor activities. This creates major problems in the warmer months.

When swimming is on the agenda – and it frequently is! – and the mercury rises into the 90s? That’s no excuse!

Fortunately, the Duggars have come up with all sorts of hilarious solutions for this conundrum. Take a look: