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The Season 2 finale of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way has come and gone with no Tell All in sight.

But that won’t stop host Shaun Robinson from spilling secrets … including a horrifying revelation about Jenny and Sumit.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh celebrate good news

Fans continue to scratch their heads about the lack of a Tell All.

It is believed that it was filmed, just not aired … yet. Has it been postponed? Has airing it been straight-up canceled?

It may be that there wasn’t enough usable, interesting footage for a proper special … or that the footage was too good to waste on a regular TLC timeslot.

Shaun Robinson in Red

Regardless, Shaun Robinson is keeping busy.

In fact, she will have her hands full with one of 90 Day Fiance‘s four new spinoffs premiering on January 4 on Discovery+, the new streaming service.

Shaun will be hosting 90 Day Bares All, a spinoff that isn’t nearly as risque as it sounds but has nonetheless piqued our interests.

Sumit Singh parents - we don't like her

So the premise of 90 Day Bares All is that Shaun will host and show never-before-seen footage and firsthand accounts of things that happened that never made it to air.

We all know that a whole lot of 90 Day Fiance footage is left on the cutting room floor, sometimes because it’s too intense or might make the show look bad.

Remember how all mention of Lisa Hamme calling Usman Umar the N-word was cut from the Before The 90 Days Tell All this year? Stuff like that, probably.

Shaun Robinson for the Before The 90 Days Season 4 Tell All

Well, according to Shaun, one major things that the show has never really directly touched upon is what really happened in Season 1 of The Other Way with Jenny Slatten, Sumit Singh, and his family.

Season 2 ended with an overhyped promise ring. Shortly before it came Sumit’s intense argument with his controlling parents, Anil and Sahna.

That fight was seriously ugly, with Sahna stooping so low as to threaten suicide if Sumit married Jenny. There is no justification for that.

Sahna Singh - I'm going to commit suicide right here

Shaun is now teasing fans that there is a lot more that went on behind-the-scenes during the saga of Jenny and Sumit.

We all know that there was a dramatic moment during Season 1 when Sumit’s family showed up unannounced at their home and informed Jenny that Sumit was still married.

Apparently, 24 hours later, a producer arrived at the house and learned a lot more … details that were never aired on television.

Shaun Robinson Speaks

On 90 Day Bares All, the producer will apparently share what happened between Jenny, Sumit, Sumit’s parents, and Sumit’s in-laws.

"It was so much worse," Shaun told Entertainment Tonight, than what viewers saw on television.

"And now I know why we could not show it on regular TV," she continued, "but here we can show it."

Jenny Slatten recalls the circumstances in which she deflowered Sumit

This is actually not surprising at all. Why?

Because Jenny was so fearful on Season 2 every time that Sumit left the house, especially when he met up with his family.

She was genuinely worried that they might kidnap him. What trauma did she endure to make her so afraid? Soon, we’re going to find out.