90 Day Fiance Announces FOUR Spinoffs Coming to New Streaming Service

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90 Day Fiance is a ratings titan for TLC, knocking other reality shows out of the park after rising from relative obscurity just a few years ago.

It's no surprise that the show has a lot of spinoffs.

What may be a surprise is that the show's latest announcement brings the total number of spinoffs up to 14.

Including original recipe 90 Day Fiance, that means 15 shows under the franchise umbrella.

If you think that this is too much for your schedule or your DVR to keep up with, you may be in luck.

The newest spinoffs have been announced specifically for a new streaming service, one that will include a wide variety of content from the Discovery family.

1. So many spinoffs!

So many spinoffs!
One of them will feature Shaun Robinson as a host -- it's about time that we see more of Shaun outside of the Tell All specials.

2. It's all coming here

It's all coming here
Like so many other companies, TLC's parent organization, Discovery Communications, is forming their own streaming service. Discovery+ will launch on January 4, 2021. When it does, 90 Day Fiance fans will have new content to which they can look forward.

3. 90 Day Fiance: Bares All

90 Day Fiance: Bares All
This is the spinoff that Shaun Robinson will host. The title may be a little (deliberately) misleading, especially after Larissa Lima got fired for her very mild camshow. So no, this is not about nudity or being sexy -- it's about stars speaking their minds.

4. Isn't it like Strikes Back?

Isn't it like Strikes Back?
Not exactly. Bares All will focus upon the stars as they share secrets -- and some lies and deceptions -- that never made it past editors, if it was caught on camera at all.

5. The idea is that they will be uncensored

The idea is that they will be uncensored
Allegedly, the stars will be allowed to speak their minds without TLC leaving their words on the cutting room floor. This will also be accompanied by exclusive footage that never made it onto the show.

6. 90 Day Fiance: Diaries

90 Day Fiance: Diaries
This one is a little familiar, so see if you can place it. The idea is that the couples and stars themselves will document their lives at home on their own terms, without the production crew in tow prompting them to say or do things or otherwise meddling.

7. But doesn't that sound like ...

But doesn't that sound like ...
90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined? Yes, yes it does. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be a factor on Diaries for some time. This is basically just a continuation of that concept, but it can continue under the same title even after the pandemic comes to an end.

8. 90 Day Fiance: Journey

90 Day Fiance: Journey
Get the '80s power ballads out of your mind, because 90 Day Fiance Journey is more like a retrospective on specific couples. Instead of watching little clips of lots of couples side-by-side, this will let superfans look back on every single scene that the couples have filmed.

9. In other words

In other words
Some couples have appeared on multiple shows and multiple seasons. Now you can see every part of their story from start to finish.

10. Like we said, it's for superfans

Like we said, it's for superfans
But it may also shine a light on how little footage there actually is each season. Stars film for months at a time, and then viewers see what amounts to a few hours of total footage of their faves in a given season.

11. That's where the magic happens

That's where the magic happens
When you have months of footage of someone going through a rough time and they cry several times on camera, you can make it look like someone cries every single day if you want to -- it's all about what you do and don't include of their real footage. In this way, 90 Day Fiance is lifting the veil a little and giving viewers a chance to realize how heavyhanded their editing can be -- and how much time is sometimes skipped from one scene to the next.

12. The Other Way Strikes Back

The Other Way Strikes Back
In an experiment started earlier this year, 90 Day Fiance stars have been given a chance to clap back at their haters and otherwise explain or justify themselves, filming at home. Now, The Other Way is getting their chance to Strike Back. Our guess is that Deavan and Jihoon will be excused from this, though it's like that Deavan could take part if she wanted to.

13. Strikes Back is sort of a catch-all

Strikes Back is sort of a catch-all
We'll see the stars detail behind-the-scenes events that cameras missed, explain themselves, and respond to Pillow Talk, social media posts, and memes while documenting a little more of their home lives.

14. Is it all too much?

Is it all too much?
There is always a danger of oversaturating a market, making hardcore fans feel overwhelmed and making casual fans feel disgusted by the quantity of content being produced. Now that 90 Day Fiance has entered two digits of shows and spinoffs, can that happen here?

15. TLC doesn't think so

TLC doesn't think so
TLC President and General Managar Howard Lee says no: "We always want to check in on our fans to ensure that we’re not getting past the tipping point or saturation and that this is something that they’d want to see and so far we’ve been really fortunate that they’re still finding these projects compelling."

16. Discovery+ premieres January 4

Discovery+ premieres January 4
A monthly subscription to the streaming service will cost $4.99 with ads and $6.99 without ads. If you're anything like me, that means $6.99. I can deal with ads for free content or I can pay for content, but I'll never do both.

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