90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Yazan Tells Brittany that His Family Might Kill Him

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It's over! Mostly.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 has come to a close except for the Tell All special.

On this season finale, a lot of uncertain relationships got some closure.

Others? Not so much.

While a lot may have changed since these seasons ended, let's take a look at how each couple ended the season.

Brittany and Yazan realized that they may have to change their whole plan in order to keep Yazan safe.

Ariela has a truly miserable day, and Biniyam had a lot to say about it.

Kenneth and Armando finally got some good news after ages of pandemic lockdown.

Deavan and Jihoon had their second wedding, but that was not the end.

Serious content warning for suicide threats in Jenny and Sumit's story, because Sumit's parents will do or say anything to control their son.

We cannot wait to see all of this hash out between couples -- and exes -- at the Tell All!

1. Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira

Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira
Brittany and Yazan meet up with Adam (one of the best translators that this show has ever seen) to talk after Brittany's eye-opening heart-to-heart with Obaida, Yazan's brother, who revealed to her that some of their extended family are spreading malicious rumors about her and have made real, literal threats against Yazan's life.

2. Yazan confirms that it's true

Yazan confirms that it's true
He insists that Brittany shouldn't worry about this, that he's handling it ... but that does not eradicate Brittany's concerns.

3. "They might kill me"

"They might kill me"
Yazan explains that his extended ethnic group, not just his family, might meet and essentially have a hearing on whether the malicious rumors about Yazan and Brittany are true. Yazan acknowledges that they might want to kill Yazan or at least disown him.

4. That's a lot to take in

That's a lot to take in
Brittany is deeply worried about Yazan, she NEVER wanted him to take on this kind of burden (especially without telling her), and her mind is scrambling for solutions.

5. They meet up again

They meet up again
Yazan wants to know what Brittany is thinking, and she tells him that given that he has gotten himself into danger with his wacko relatives, maybe the best option would be to change their plans from The Other Way to OG 90 Day Fiance -- that is, get a K-1 visa and bring Yazan to the US. It's not that Brittany is ready to marry him right away, but she says that she could be soon, and this sounds much safer.

6. Yazan is hesitant

Yazan is hesitant
We know that there are sections of the 90 Day Fiance viewing audience that think that all that non-Americans want in life is a green card, but the reality is that not everyone wants to live in the US. Yazan does want a Western lifestyle, clearly, but he says that he's never thought about moving to the US and he doesn't really know the country.

7. But he is open to it

But he is open to it
It sounds like Yazan is thinking less about getting away from his toxic controlling family and violent extended family and more about how head-over-heels in love he is with Brittany.

8. Obaida makes a pledge

Obaida makes a pledge
Brittany meets up with Obaida and Adam yet again and gets Obaida to promise to look after Yazan and protect him, which Obaida agrees to do. Meanwhile, Obaida sees how truly in love she and Yazan are.

9. Final Status: Together (Long Distance)

Final Status: Together (Long Distance)
The COVID-19 pandemic hits and Jordan is going into lockdown, which means that Brittany has to leave while she still can. Yazan takes her to the airport and things are, at this point, still looking good, though Yazan has fears that Brittany will change her mind or forget all about him while she's in the US.

10. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre
The two are en route to celebrate a major Ethiopian Orthodox holiday, Timkat. It's a large outdoor gathering honoring the baptism of Jesus.

11. They're on their way

They're on their way
Ariela and Biniyam have some playful banter on the drive there. (We are not the only blog to observe that Ariela is giving off Midsommar vibes, lol) Biniyam is acting nervous and Ariela can tell, but she doesn't know why.

12. WE know why

WE know why
Biniyam is planning to propose to Ariela today. Why? Because it's his favorite holiday. (This is ... not as sweet as it sounds, as it's part of a much larger pattern of Biniyam's world revolving around himself, his interests, and his desires -- most people proposing do so about shared interests or about the recipient of the proposal's interests)

13. Ari is straight up not having a good time

Ari is straight up not having a good time
This outdoor gathering is very loud. Ariela is also concerned about the crowding and how this could put baby Avi in danger.

14. "This is not loud"

"This is not loud"
As always, Biniyam dismisses all of Ariela's concerns as if they were nonsense, shrugging off the risks to their baby, questions about the water, and the general suffering of Ariela because, hey, if it's not bothering Biniyam, why should it bother anyone else?

15. Oh yes, the water

Oh yes, the water
Ariela admits that she does not know the origins of the water, either how clean it is or what makes it particularly holy, and is understandably leery of getting doused.

16. Eventually, the crowd is overwhelming

Eventually, the crowd is overwhelming
Ariela has to repeatedly remind Biniyam of how uncomfortable she is in this mosh pit before he agrees and they squeeze their way out of the crowd to safety.


Biniyam jokes that she doesn't want to get sprayed with holy water because "her evil spirit is afraid." We get it, he's joking, but given the number of harsh things that he says to and about her, it's more of a half-joke.

18. He accuses her of "wanting" to ruin the day

He accuses her of "wanting" to ruin the day
Biniyam, again seeing the world through the lens of himself and his desires, apparently cannot fathom Ari having any motive for wanting to pull back except to personally sabotage his happiness.

19. And they say that ARI complains a lot

And they say that ARI complains a lot
Biniyam goes on to gripe that Ariela, the mother of his child, is "an annoying person." The level of childishness that he displays over Ariela prioritizing her comfort and her baby's safety is just not great.

20. He claims that she's ruining everything

He claims that she's ruining everything
Biniyam comes up with a truly bonkers solution -- he takes Ariela and the crying Avi to his brother's outdoor bar, where Ariela can just ... crouch in the day's heat. And then he leaves them there.

21. He goes back to celebrate solo

He goes back to celebrate solo
This is actually a fine idea -- Biniyam does his thing for cultural and religious reasons or even just for fun while Ariela and Avi stay behind. But they should have stayed behind at home, not at a bar.

22. Ariela goes to him

Ariela goes to him
After handing off Avi to Biniyam's sister (also a good idea -- arranging childcare while you go to an event!), she returns to the festival and meets up with Biniyam, determined to have a good time with him. Biniyam is once again delighted to have gotten his way and is willing to "forgive" Ariela for having her own thoughts and feelings.

23. Final Status: Engaged!

Final Status: Engaged!
Lemons are part of the tradition of Timkat, so Biniyam uses a lemon to conceal the engagement ring. He and Ariela decide that it's very romantic to get engaged after fighting all day. The word that they're looking for is "toxic."

24. Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio
After they were last turned down for marriage, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Mexico and shut down everything. Kenneth was unable to see his adult kids, but they could still video chat. He and Armando revealed that they were "bored" being cooped up together, which puts them well ahead of how some couples did but is just not relatable for many of us. Kenneth is glad that it happened after his move -- being forced to be apart from Armando for so long would have been no fun for anyone.

25. Good news

Good news
After weeks of waiting, they have heard back from the Human Rights office. Armando has to read it first before he can translate for Kenneth (real talk: they could have pasted it into an online translator and read it side-by-side).

26. Good news!

Good news!
After a painful rejection and excruciating weeks of waiting, they have the go-ahead to get married.

27. They get to tell Hannah

They get to tell Hannah
She is so excited and hugs them both. She has also put on a lovely dress because she's excited to be filmed, which is adorable. She's such a sweet girl!!

28. In this house, we stan Hannah Rubio!

In this house, we stan Hannah Rubio!
"We are going to be a forever family," she tells the camera. We're not crying, YOU'RE crying.

29. Armando and Kenneth celebrate on the beach

Armando and Kenneth celebrate on the beach
It's not ideal, but the realities of COVID-19 -- even in countries where, you know, the government actually took action to curb the pandemic -- mean that not a lot of other venues for celebration are especially safe.

30. Final Status: Still Engaged, Still Together!

Final Status: Still Engaged, Still Together!
Kenneth and Armando rode horses, something a little corny but a lot romantic that Kenneth cooked up as a surprise. Of course, Armando still has to invite his family ... which may foreshadow more drama (and hopefully more seasons of these two) to come.

31. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee
Remember when Jihoon and his parents surprised Deavan with a second wedding that they planned *for* her? Whether it's a miscalculation or just reality TV shenanigans, it's time for that to happen.

32. Deavan was feeling a lot of things

Deavan was feeling a lot of things
This wasn't exactly going to be the wedding of her dreams, because it's basically a wedding factory with each couple only having the venue for about 45 minutes. That's something that you'd see in the US in Vegas, not for a second wedding where you want to do things right.

33. Deavan looks breathtaking

Deavan looks breathtaking
Despite this, however, she was feeling stressed. One might say that your husband planning a second wedding for you that's nothing like the one that you'd plan for yourself is a huge red flag and a sign that you're not really compatible, but we all know that these two are well past that, and had a much worse breakup than mere incompatibility.

34. Another bride arrives

Another bride arrives
We cannot get over how gorgeous Elicia looked in her traditional garb, but she explained to the camera that Deavan was losing her cool a little as pressure mounted. Deavan was also running on very little sleep and the next bride already being there wasn't making anything easier.

35. Still, they pulled it off

Still, they pulled it off
It looks like a beautiful, albeit rushed ceremony. Jihoon's parents clearly didn't really understand what to expect from an American-style wedding dance.

36. Fast-forward ...

Fast-forward ...
In March of 2020, South Korea was on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Deavan remarked on how eerily silent the country was ... and on how much being cooped up together had negatively impacted their marriage.

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