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Jinger Duggar has had a very eventful 2020.

In addition to the struggles that we all grappled with, Jinger pleased both her parents and her diehard fans by expanding her small, Los Angeles-based family.

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In November, Jinger welcomed her second child, a girl named Evangeline,

Now, she and husband Jeremy Vuolo are raising two kids without much support from their families.

Most Duggar women enjoy the support of an army of fellow-caregivers, but Jinger is a much more independent sort.

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And fans are convinced the situation is beginning to take a toll on Jinger. 

A new photo posted by Jeremy Vuolo has fans concerned that the stress of raising two kids with very little help from her family or husband might be taking a toll on Jinger.

Jeremy posted the photo below, along with a caption meant to give the impression that he and Jinger are happier than ever.

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"Enjoying these days," Vuolo captioned the pic.

Despite Jeremy’s upbeat assessment of the situation, the photo sparked concern among fans, many of whom seemed to be under the impression that Jinger looks exhausted and over-worked.

"You look so tired Jinger, Daddy needs to watch the girls while you get needed sleep..XOXO," wrote one commenter.

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"Poor Jinger looks tired," another fan wrote.

"Jinger take time to rest. You look so tired. Take it easy…" a third chimed in.

The central theme of the comments was that Jinger looks like she’s barley holding it together, and we’re guessing the "concern" from fans quickly got old.

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While it’s true that Jinger looks slighly less effervescent than we’re accustomed to here, there’s likely a number of reasons for that.

First and foremost she appears to be wearing little or no makeup.

And for a group of women who view basically all physical attraction betwen the sexes as sinful, the Duggar girls like their makeup.

Photo via TLC

On top of that, it seems that Jinger just generally doesn’t care much what she looks like these days.

She’s a mother of two very young children, and since Duggar men typically don’t play a very active role in child-rearing, she’s essentially a single mother of two children.

Add into that the fact that the Duggars receive a mere pittance for their roles on Counting On, and it seems to be the Vuolos’ only source of income at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why Jinger might be looking a little stressed.

So instead of concern-trolling and offering back-handed compliments, perhaps fans should simple keep their comments about Jinger’s appearance to themselves.

And if they really, really feel the need to speak up, perhaps they could offer to help.

Jinger probably wouldn’t take them up on that offer, but it sure beats telling her she looks like crap!