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Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham have a reason to celebrate.

Just seven months after they had a reason to lament.

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"We’re pregnant! We’ve known for a while and we’ve been trying to hide it," the former Bachelor lead and father-to-be said on Saturday in a nearly 10-minute long video.

The footage also included his pregnant wife, who shared that she’s been feeling "really sick" due to morning sickness and who added:

"It’s so hard to keep it a secret."

As you may recall, Arie and Lauren posted a different sort of lengthy video in May… during which they revealed the latter had suffered a miscarriage.

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The couple are already parents to an 18-month old daughter named Alessi.

As you can see via the photo immediately above, she’s going to be a big sister — to another little girl — in July of 2021.

The footage uploaded this weekend to YouTube was a highlight reel of the first months of Lauren’s pregnancy, including the moment the mom-to-be discovered she was expecting.

"Earlier this year, we had a miscarriage and we’ve had some troubles in that area," Lauren explains at one point.

"We were really, really excited about welcoming a new baby to our family. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out at the time but I just took a pregnancy test and I think it might be positive."

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Lauren and Arie told viewers that they waited until the 12-week mark to reveal their pregnancy to loved ones this time around.

By this point in most pregnancies, the odds of a miscarriage have been reduced significantly.

"There were a lot of nerves throughout these last 12 weeks," Arie says in the video, before his wife jumps in with:

"Yeah I thought there was going to be bad news but then there wasn’t. I had a couple of freak-outs because I feel like I have a little bit of PTSD from the miscarriage that we had earlier this year."

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Towards the end of their new video, Luyendyk Jr. thanked his fans and supporters for their kind words.

"Since the last time we had trouble with our pregnancy, it’s really nice to have a smooth one so far," he said.

"We’re just really looking forward to all the good things that come with this."

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Along with the video, this is what the couple wrote on YouTube:

"We can’t even begin to say how happy and grateful we are.

"For those of you who have been here through our second pregnancy journey, you know exactly how much this means to our family.

"We can’t wait to begin this next chapter and make Alessi a big sister!"

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Arie selected Becca Kufrin back in the day as his winner on The Bachelor.

But he then changed his mind, broke up with Becca and pursued Lauren instead.

To this day, they remain one of the few couples to get together as a result of this show — and stay together.

"And then 2020 completely redeemed itself!" added Luyendyk Jr. on Instagram, who tested positive for COVID-19 in November.

UPDATE: They’re having twins!