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Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson is embarking up on her very own weight loss journey and is known to hype herself up on social media.

But when she brags about how haters can’t stop her from making money, some are questioning if Alana is being very tasteful.

Alana Thompson in a dirty mirror

Alana Thompson shared a glimpse of her snapping a mirror selfie into a mirror so streaky that it looked like she was trying to do an outdated TikTok challenge.

"Your opinion don’t make my money," the 15-year-old reality star quipped in her captions.

Following a sassy emoji, she acknowledged: "ik ik my Mirror is dirty."

"it does tho-" protested one commenter, under the impression that Alana’s fortune is directly dependent upon public opinion.

Alana responded: "it doesn’t hun, i make money if you like me or not."

She’s not wrong about that.

When another commenter in that thread tried to protest, Alana clapped back.

"But your one hating opinion towards me ain’t going to stop my money from coming in," she countered.

"So," Alana reasoned, "I could really care less."

Alana has an estimated net worth of about $300,000.

That’s a positively aspirational net worth for plenty of grown adults in our nightmare economy.

For a 15-year-old whose family has only recently emerged from generations of abject poverty, it’s almost miraculous.

Alana Thompson Sporting Straightened Hair

Alana didn’t inherit her money — in fact, her fallen millionaire of a mother now has less money than she does.

(Early on in June’s downward spiral, attorneys acted quickly to ensure that she could not access Alana’s funds to fuel her drug binge)

She, her sister Lauryn, and their mother made money through reality stardom — it takes dozens of hours of grueling filming to produce even one episode.

Some may argue that it is tasteless for Alana to brag about or even mention her comfortable financial situation at all.

After all, not only has the economy been a disaster for a couple of decades now, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made things immeasurably worse.

Others would counter that Alana is 15, and by virtue of being a 15-year-old, maybe she should be cut some slack as she hypes herself up in the mirror.

Alana has made social media mistakes in the past.

Notably, in 2019, fans and family alike were alarmed to see the then-14-year-old pretending to snort cocaine.

Given her mother’s horrific drug binge, people took it very seriously and made it clear that Alana needed to take it seriously, too.

Alana is embarking upon her own body transformation journey.

While we imagine that it will be much less dramatic and considerably less surgical than June’s, fans are excited.

That said, others are nervous that she might face health consequences if her weight loss is too rapid and too severe.

Overall, it is amazing to see how far Alana has come, from her family’s nightmarish beginnings in unthinkable poverty to now.

We are so glad that she is as well-adjusted as she is, between that part of her journey and of course her fame.

She’s right — reality stars generally make money whether they are beloved or hated. And anyone who "hates" a 15-year-old and is not a teenager themselves has some issues to work on.