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In case you haven’t heard, Teresa Giudice has a new man in her life.

But this isn’t just any new man, mind you.

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Unlike the other guys whom Teresa has been connected with in the year since her separation from Joe Giudice, it seems this guy will be sticking around for the long haul.

Teresa has only been dating Luis Ruelas for a few months, but they’ve already reached a few relationship milestones together.

They’ve met each other’s kids; she publicly refers to him as her boyfriend, etc. …

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There’s no doubt that these two are the real deal.

The only question now is — are they moving too fast for their own good?

“Teresa thinks Louie is perfect for her, and she loves spending as much of her free time with him as she can," a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

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"Teresa has a very full plate with her girls and her career, and she isn’t in a position to settle down at this point, so she’s taking things slow,” the insider says.

Interesting. Sounds to us like they’re moving pretty quickly

But we guess it’s all relative!

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“That’s why this relationship works for her and why she’s so attracted to him because Louie is in the same position," the source says.

"He’s an entrepreneur like she is, he’s hard-working and dedicated to his sons, and she loves that he spends so much of his time working with charities that help children,” the insider adds.

“Teresa thinks he’s the total package, and she definitely sees long-term potential with him, but she also doesn’t want to rush things and is enjoying where things are at right now. So she’s taking it a day at a time and is just enjoying the journey."

Teresa Giudice is Implied to be a Troublemaker

Yes, it seems Luis is both an entrepreneur and a humanitarian — in other words, the exact opposite of Juicy Joe.

But despite the fact that his ex has moved on, it seems Joe has no hard feelings about the situation.

“Joe and Teresa talk all the time, so this isn’t a surprise to him at all, he’s very happy for her," the insider adds.

Teresa Giudice Discusses Joe
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"He’s also started dating again, too, so there isn’t any jealousy or anything like that."

The source adds that the former couple “have a great relationship now and are truly friends, so anything that makes her happy makes him happy,” the insider adds.

A second insider says, “Joe always supports Teresa, and he just wants her to be happy.”

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“They’ve both moved on, and they’re in a really healthy place in their relationship where their focus is on co-parenting the girls, plain and simple,” this source tells Hollywood Life, noting that Joe’s deportation to Italy has made the act of moving on easier in some ways..

“Joe understands that it was only a matter of time before Teresa found someone new, and she seems really happy with this guy," the insider says.

"They’re living separate lives, and Joe’s living in a different country, so, of course, it was bound to happen sooner or later,” 

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Meanwhile, a different insider confirms to In Touch that Teresa and Luis “very recently met each other’s children,”

“The relationship is new and they are taking things very slow,” the source notes.

“It is very casual and they are really just getting to know one another.”

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It seems Luis “did not appear on camera” with Teresa yet “because the relationship is very casual."

“Her primary focus remains on her four daughters," the informant says.

“While her daughters miss their dad, they all think it’s great that their mom is happy. They’ve all met Louie and they like him.”

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As for the timeline of the relationship, this insider says that Teresa and Luis met toward the very end of the summer at the Jersey Shore,” and they “randomly exchanged numbers” 

However, they kept the relationship under wraps until Teresa and Joe’s divorce was finalized in September.

“Out of respect for her girls and Joe, she waited until her divorce was final to say anything,” the insider says.

“[They] split, but everyone saw it coming. No one is really surprised,” a different source tells In Touch.

“Even their daughters knew it was coming and their recent trip to Italy was all about spending quality time together and discussing the real issue at hand — they were splitting up.”

As for the rumors that Teresa is ready to marry Luis — it sounds like those are a bit premature, but it also sounds like this is no mere fling!