Meri Brown to Single Men Everywhere: Come Hither! Let's Do This!

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Over the past several months, Meri Brown has shared one cryptic message after another on social media.

We all know what Meri is implying with these memes and quotes, and we all know to whom she's referring when she posts them... yet Meri never comes right out and mentions his name.

She never actually calls Kody Brown out, you know?

Meri Brown Sizzles

Now, however, Meri has done something a little different.

She hasn't said a new word on Instagram.

Instead, she's uploaded a new selfie and, as the old saying goes, it's very clearly worth at least 1,000 words.

And most of the words go something like this:

Meri Brown on Herr Instagram

Hey, men of the Internet! I'm single and so ready to mingle and go ahead and direct message me and maybe I'll respond and we can have some fun together.

if you know what I mean!

Indeed, as you can see farther above, Meri is rocking a cheetah-print shirt and skinny jeans.

She's also showing off a shorter hairstyle and is not -- we repeat, NOT! -- displaying her wedding ring.

Meri Brown with Boxes

According to various sources, Meri is in Utah at the moment, looking after her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

This is also notable because it means she isn't spending any real time with Kody or any of her fellow Sister Wives.

The seductive snapshot also comes to us just a few days after Meri told followers she needed a mental health break and had been struggling a bit of late.

"I'm not going to bore you with my list of physical and emotional ailments lol, but this is what I'm doing right now, with little hope of getting up. Ugh!" wrote Meri as a caption to a photo of just her feet up on the sofa.

Meri Brown with Coffee

As is so often the case, Meri didn't say anything about the state of her marriage when passing this information along.

But any astute Sister Wives fan/viewer is aware that trouble has been afoot between Meri and Kody almost since 2014, back when the latter divorced the former so he could marry Robyn Brown instead.

Over the past couple years, Meri and Kody have talked a good game, claiming they were all about getting a fresh start.

Kody, though, proceeded to tell a therapist that he wishes he had never married Meri and Meri has since taken passive aggressive jabs at her so-called soulmate on many occasions.

Meri Brown in Her Mask

Is Meri really now trying to market herself to other men?

If so, followers think she's off to a strong start.

"You’re looking smoking hot! Head up high," wrote one person, while another added:

"Meri, you look wonderful. Your face looks calm, refreshed... you look different... I mean all of this in the most positive way..."

A third wrote: “You look awesome and skinny! Like the haircut too!”

Meri Brown in LuLaRoe Dress

In other words?

Hey, Kody...


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