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For several months now, we’ve been documenting the ways in which the Sister Wives have spent nearly all their money.

Specifically, Kody Brown has wasted nearly $2 million of it on bad real estate deals in Arizona.

For his estranged spiritual wife, Meri, however?

Meri Brown Grows Concerned

Forget any monetary concerns right now. She is emotionally spent.

As long-time Sister Wives fans and viewers know well, Meri is prominently involved in the LuLaRoe clothing line — she spends several hours a week hosting Facebook Live sessions in order to promote the brand.

However, on Wednesday, the reality star was unable to do so.

She told followers on her Instagram Stories page that she was simply unable to muster up the energy.

Meri Brown Video Still

“Do you ever have those days?? Y’all, I was TOTALLY planning on going live today," she wrote as a caption to the following photo of her feet on a sofa.

Added Meri:

"I’m not going to bore you with my list of physical and emotional ailments lol, but this is what I’m doing right now, with little hope of getting up. Ugh!"

We can’t claim to know exactly what Brown is referring to here, but we have been documenting all the ways of late in which she seems unhappy in her relationship.

Meri has become famous for sharing one cryptic quote after another online; never referencing Kody by name, but not forcing supporters to need to read between the lines very much, either.

Who else, aside from her husband, could Meri have recently been talkiing about when sharing that she doesn’t feel valued?

In this latest case, the TLC personality was quick to make sure folks knew she wasn’t throwing herself a pity party.

At least… not a huge pity party.

Meri Brown: Does She Care?

"PS pretty sure my list of ailments is purely because I’m being a whiney baby poopy pants," Brown added in her caption.

"And now I think a movie in the middle of the afternoon sounds good…. And maybe chocolate…."

We’ve all been there, right? Especially in 2020, the year from the absolute depths of the underworld?

Would anyone reading this NOT want to watch a movie and eat chocolate at the moment?

Meri Brown is Exasperated

"Meri it’s okay to take care of you first," wrote one follower, while another echoed this sentiment as follows:

“Take care of yourself. You deserve it. You have put yourself out there to the world and your transformation is amazing. So proud of your growth. Keep taking care of yourself."

And then there was a third, who chimed in with:

"You need to take better care of you. Taking a mental health day does not make you a whiney baby poopy pants! Makes you pretty human. We all love you, Meri!"

Meri Brown in LuLaRoe Dress

As Sister Wives fans know well, the 49-year old has been sparking break-up rumors for many months now, having often posed without her wedding ring and having constantly hurled shade in the direction of you-know-who.

"When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person that walked in," Meri wrote via meme just a few days ago, adding:

"That’s what the storm is all about."

This is uplifting, but also telling.

Based on all we know about Kody and the way he treats his spouses, describing one’s marriage to him as a storm feels just about perfect, doesn’t it?