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Reality stars are unlike other celebrities in a number of important ways.

Whereas some entertainers work their whole lives to master their craft and attain fame, reality folks are plucked from obscurity in a way that’s more akin to winning the lottery.

That’s part of their appeal, of course, as it’s easier for us to imagine ourselves in their shoes, making the same mistakes, and blowing our money in similarly foolish ways.

Not surprisingly, reality stars have a tendency to overdo it with the plastic surgery, and pointing out what procedures they’ve had done is a favorite pastime of fans.

The latest star to find herself subjected to this scrutiny is Maci Bookout.

Maci Sells Her Wares

Maci posted the photo above earlier this week, and commenters were quick to call her out for what they believe is an excessive of cosmetic procedures.

“Def got work done on your face! Whyyyy,” one fan wrote.

“Doesn’t even look like her. She had work done," another offered.

Maci Bookout in 2020

“Just looks like filler, not surgery. Cheeks and lips," a third chimed in.

Others were more forgiving and politely encouraged the surgery speculators to STFU.

“Whyyyy do you need to judge her, she can do what she wants,” one fan wrote.

Maci Bookout Talks to Taylor

“You look amazing! Three babies later and still [fire emoji]," another chimed in.

Maci has admitted to undergoing Botox treatments, but she swears she’s never gone under the knife for a cosmetic procedure.

A pair of plastic surgeons — who, it should be noted, have not treated Maci themselves — recently sounded off about the controversy, and they agree that the changes to her face are not drastic.

Maci at Her Computer

Dr. Anthony Youn says the work is not “super-obvious” but concedes that it’s “possible she’s had some work done.”

“I suspect that she may have undergone injections of filler to her lips, subtly plumping them up,” Youn said.

“She also may have undergone injections of filler into her cheeks, giving her a more sculpted appearance,” he added.

Maci Bookout, Front and Center

“She also could have had a rhinoplasty [nose job], refining her nose and making it look more elegant.”

Dr. Manish Shah echoed those views, saying it’s likely that Maci “has had filler to her lips and cheeks” and that “the work has been subtly performed as she has naturally thin lips and relatively flat cheeks.”

For her part Maci has not commented on her latest pic, but she has remarked upon the controversy in the past.

“It’s a Snapchat filter lol but I do like my Botox," she said under a recent photo.

So there you have it.

It seems unlikely that Maci would admit to Botox but draw the line at confessing that she’s gone under the knife, so maybe we should just take her at her word on this one.