Kailyn Lowry: My Divorce From Javi Was So Much Worse Than Anyone Knows!

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What kind of man is Javi Marroquin?

Well, if you were to judge him entirely from his appearances on Teen Mom 2, you might think he was a flawed but ultimately decent father and fiance who struggles with some personal demons.

Javi Marroquin with Linc

But if you pay attention to the information we receive off camera -- to the descriptions of appalling behavior from people like his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry -- then a very different picture emerges.

As you're probably aware, Javi is caught in the middle of a new scandal these days, this one involving both Kailyn and his fiancee, Lauren Comeau.

According to Kail, Javi tried to have sex with her in a gas station parking lot.

Kail Ponders

Javi has not denied the allegations, and now it seems he's once again been dumped by Comeau.

Obviously, Kail and Javi are forever bound together by the fact that they have a kid together, but many fans believe there's far more to their relationship than simple co-parenting

Kail claims to be in possession of flirtatious texts from Javi, and many have wondered why she didn't alert his fiancee as soon as the inappropriate exchanges began.

Kail and Javi Marriage

Many have arrived at the conclusion that there's more to their relationship than meets the eye.

And they point to comments Kail made in 2017 as an early sign of complicity between the two.

"I don't hate Javi, I just don't hate him," Kail said at the time in response to a fan's questions about her feelings toward her ex.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin and Son

"I have a weird unspoken loyalty to him that I have not figured out yet," she added.

"I wish him nothing but the best. Like when we were getting divorced and stuff, I let him tell whatever he felt like he wanted to tell, whatever he wanted to film about, whatever made up on his own head."

At first, it sounded as though Kail and Javi were in on some sort of secret together.

Kailyn Lowry Podcast Pic

However, as Kail went on, her comments toward Javi became more bitter and insulting.

"I let him talk about it and drag me through the mud, I never defended myself," she continued.

"I felt like no matter how much I defended myself, people were gonna believe whatever they wanted to believe anyway," she added.

Lauren with Javi Marroquin

"So to me, it was like 'I'm going to exhaust myself trying to get people to believe what I'm saying but they're still gonna believe him anyway because he really had a good image.'"

Kail went on to pay some compliments to Javi, but she concluded her comments with some cryptic remarks about what really happened in their marriage.

"He's a great guy and a great dad and a hard worker, but it was useless for me to sit here and try and convince people of my side," she said on Coffee Convos.

"Even still, I think everyone makes mistakes and I don't hold any of these things against him," she added.

"I feel like I still haven't fully told what happened."

We may never know exactly what went on during Kail and Javi's split, but one thing is for certain -- Marroquin is a man with a lot of secrets.

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