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Most of the stars of the Teen Mom franchise supplement their incomes with side hustles, but Kailyn Lowry might be the most industrious of them all.

There’s still some debate as to who is the richest Teen Mom, but there’s little doubt that Kail works the hardest.

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In addition to being a reality star and a mother of four, Kail is a bestselling author, the founder of a line of hair care products, and the host of two popular podcasts.

Say what you will about the other aspects of her life, there’s no denying that Kail is committed to building her career in order to give her children the best life possible.

It seems that no matter what happens with the reality show that made her famous, Kail is going to be just fine going forward.

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Of course, her future wasn’t always so certain.

In fact, when she began her journey on MTV, the path that lay before her seemed very dark, indeed.

Kail acknowledged the grim circumstances of her adolescence this week, shortly after she updated fans on her Thanksgiving plans.

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Lowry posted the above photo, along with a caption explaining that she was in the process of carrying out the travel plans she made on a recent episode of TM2.

"Yesterday was my first time flying with all four babes and it was [Romello Creed]’s first flight," she wrote.

"#kailandthechaos takes Texas. How were last night’s episodes of @teenmom? I didn’t get to watch because we were settling in. Thoughts?”

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Some commenters filled Kail in on the events of the episode, and of course, some shamed her for traveling with young children during a pandemic.

But one comment stood out above all others, if only for its sheer randomness.

As In Touch reports, some random troll commented simply, "Welfare queen."

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While the remark itself is not very interesting, Kail’s reply is worthy of our attention:

"Yeah, that’s where it started, but I’m blessed to be where I am now," she wrote.

Teen Mom has been on the air for over a decade now, and it seems the milestone has prompted some of the stars to reflect on how far they’ve come and where they’re going.

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Leah Messer wrote a memoir in which she opened up for the first time about her traumatic childhood and her struggles with addiction.

Chelsea Houska quit Teen Mom 2 in order to focus on her other business ventures.

It’s a time of change within the popular franchise, and it seems the situation has Kail contemplating her own situation.

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As for her plans for the remainder of the holiday season, it appears that Lowry will sadly not be spending Christmas with her boys.

"We’re not doing anything. Like, I’m just not gonna have them, so they don’t have to get each other stuff," she said on a recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast.

"I might ask them do they want to get each other anything for Christmas, and if they say yes, then I would just obviously facilitate that," she continued.

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"They’re gonna be with their dads, I’m pretty sure, until the end of Christmas Day, so I feel like maybe by then it would be over, but also, I don’t know. It might be kind of nice to give each other something, so maybe we’ll see," Kail added.

"I don’t get to go to my family because my family, Jo’s family and Javi’s family are all in different areas, and then when we added Chris to the mix, it was like, there was just so much going on that I was never gonna have three happy dad situations," 

These are the challenging situations in which blended families often find themselves — but it sounds like Kail is handling the situation in her usual, level-headed fashion.