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In October, June Shannon celebrated being nine months sober.

Now, she’s marking her tenth month of sobriety … and celebrating her new car and her new home.

June Shannon and Geno Doak Get a New Car

"Thanks to everyone who helped through the process," Shannon wrote alongside this photo from a car dealership.

She added that she wanted to thank people "from @estybae giving us a ride."

June continued: "and sitting with us for a couple hours at the dealership to make sure everything went through good."

June Shannon Madeover
Photo via TikTok

"Thanks to George with sunrise Ford in Fort Pierce @sunrise__ford," June’s caption went on.

"If you are on the treasure coast and you need a car," she suggested to her followers, "y’all need to go see them."

June then told her fans: "Tell them mama June sent u."

Photo via Instagram

June admitted that "buying a new car was not in our plans."

"But with the suburban that has broke down as of yesterday n what is it going to cost a fortune to fix," she explained.

June revealed: "we decided to take the plunge and bought a new car."

Photo via Instagram

"We have been working so hard these last 10 months with our sobriety," June acknowledged.

We are so, so happy for her and for Geno that they are getting their lives back on track.

She expressed "thanks to @banyantreatmentcenters and all of y’all supporting us."

June Shannon Dancingq

"It may not be a brand new car," June admitted.

Her assets were almost wiped out entirely by her downward spiral, and her lifestyle has suffered as a result.

"But," she wrote, "it’s brand new to us."

June Shannon Shows Off Her Cute New 'Do

A "new" car was not the only piece of good news that she and Geno had to announce.

"And also we got approved for a new place," June shared.

She gushed: "thanks to all the hard work and commitment from our realtor that is amazing."

June Shannon at the Dentist

"So if you are looking for a rental property Or looking to buy hit him up," June endorsed.

She raved: "he will go to bat for you and will find you exactly what you were looking for and won’t stop until he finds it."

"And he is very flexible and awesome to work with," June noted, crediting: "Mitch white @mitchwhitegroup."

June Shannon on TikTok

"And things are looking up," June observed happily.

"Anly two more months," she affirmed, "until we will be a year clean."

That will mean a major milestone and that they "can work in a rehab facility."

June Shannon in a Mask

June wrote that she is looking forward to "giving back even more To the recovery community."

"But like always," she offered, "my inbox is always open to those who need someone to speak to."

June then tagged her weekend post: "#soberlife #sunriseford #soberitylooksgoodonus #10mthsclean"

June Shannon is Sober

"Hey y’all Just wanted to give a shout out to my girl @urbanachappa that styled me on a budget," June wrote in another post.

"People think they can’t afford a stylist now of days," she observed.

June assured her fans: "but I can tell you my girl Urbana can hook you up."

June Shannon in a Red One-Piece

"If you are looking for something low-key," June pitched.

She continued: "or you’re looking for that half fashion design."

June said of Urbana: "she can go either way she can do it remotely or in person even contact her about that."

June Shannon Does Yoga

"But definitely all these outfits were done within one hour and bought at target," June said of her makeover.

"Y’all know me I’m not all about spending tons of money," she added, not mentioning the obvious exception of the drugs that rapidly depleted her finances.

"So if you’re looking for that right outfit for the right occasion," June said, "She is you’re a girl hands-down."