Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Break "Special News" (Which They Hope Will Make Them Rich)

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Audrey and Jeremy Roloff would like your attention, please.

They have come up with a new way to profit off their supposed knowledge of all things love and romance.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff on Instagram

Late last week, the former Little People, Big World stars announced some "special news" on social media, as Audrey posted the photo above and wrote along with it:

We are so excited for YOU to finally know about a project that we have been dreaming about for years and working on creating for the last few months...

And now we can finally tell you!

Intriguing, right?

auds insta

Audrey, who garnered some criticism in the past for coming across like some kind of love expert, then revealed "Memories of Us – An Anniversary Journal."

She described the project thusly:

This heirloom journal is a simple and meaningful way to reminisce, remember, and record your love story by guiding you through prompts and questions each year on your anniversary.

It’s designed to be fun and engaging, and we believe it will be your new favorite anniversary tradition!

memories book

In other words... it's a journal.

But not just ANY old journal, Audrey tries to argue.

In short, this journal compiles all the biggest moments and memories of your love story in one treasured place!

We hope Memories of Us might become a cherished book that could be passed down through generations, preserving your stories, memories, photos, and letters and telling the story of your love legacy.

Roloffs Ride Bikes

Audrey and Jeremy previously penned "A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully."

It sold pretty well, but it also earned the parents of two some backlash from those who essentially asked:

Who the heck do you guys think you are to dole out advice based on just a few years of marriage?!?

"You’ve only been married a few years. How do you know what’s in the book works?" asked one individual of Audrey just a few months ago.

"Do you believe you can learn from people’s story?!" replied the ex-reality star.

Outside with the Roloffs

As for their latest quasi book?

Fans can pre-order is now for $50... which seems like a steep price to pay for someplace to simply write down one's thoughts.

In May of 2020, meanwhile, these Roloffs dropped off their transcript for Creative Love, which is scheduled for release in January.

Yup, it's another romance-themed memoir.

Audrey and Jeremy Together

"It was a pretty rough couple of months trying to write a book during a global pandemic with a toddler and a newborn," Audrey wrote on Instagram this spring, addiing:

"To have a completed manuscript is such an unexplainable mix of emotions — relief, excitement, doubt, exhaustion, nervousness.

"The juxtaposition of 'this is totally crap' mixed with 'oh my gosh this has so much potential to change lives!' is real."

Ember Turns 3

We don't know the exact release date of this upcoming book.

But we're curious if rumors about trouble in Audrey and Jeremy's relationship might impact sales.

Who, after all, would buy a book about love and marriage from two people who are not happy in their marriage?

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Jeremy and Audrey married in September 2014 and are parents to two children, daughter Ember Jean, 3, and son Bode James, who was born in January.

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