June Shannon Celebrates Major Milestone: I'm Nine Months Sober!!

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Mama June: From Not To Hot fans are excited that June Shannon is filming for a new season.

But they're even more excited that June is well enough to film -- and is now nine months sober.

June Shannon Says She's Getting Better

"New month, new beginning, new start, new mindset," begins an Instagram Story post shared by June.

The post continues: "New focus, new intentions, new results."

In addition, June shared some commentary of her own.

June Shannon Shows Off Her Cute New 'Do

"So true, this is for every day," June initially added in her caption.

Her caption also added that she is "also nine months sober."

She then included a tag for the post, writing: "Inspiration for the day."

June Shannon is Sober

Curiously, June has since edited her caption to read something different.

"So true thought I would share this with y’all and every day is a new day," the caption now reads.

The caption continues: "You just have to tell your self I’m going to do better today then I was yesterday."

June Shannon IG - nine months sober

Some fans are a little worried that June's posted caption does not speak of her sobriety journey's latest milestone.

Does this mean that she's off the wagon?

Probably not.

June Shannon New Teeth

Let's just remember that June had one hell of a 2019, a very rough beginning to 2020, and has overall had a difficult life.

It is possible that she got the numbers wrong, or realized that she was calculating the dates wrong, and decided to put up a different caption than she had in her Stories.

People -- even those who have not suffered and faced the indignities of extreme poverty as she has -- have been known to straight up count the months wrong.

June Shannon in a Mask

Second of all, and this may be more likely, is that June's reality TV career comes with some caveats.

We have all seen reality stars abruptly change or delete social media posts and comments at the request -- or demands -- of producers.

The fact of the matter is that production doesn't want storylines spoiled for TV, and that can include very personal life events.

June Shannon Does Yoga

Some suggest that June fell off the wagon after posting to her Instagram Story. That doesn't seem plausible.

She posted both versions on Sunday.

Also, when someone uses again, they might think many thoughts -- none of which are "gee, I'd better my my Instagram more honest!"

June Shannon in a Red One-Piece

What's more likely, worried fans, is that June just posted a more generic motivational post to her regular Instagram timeline.

The post marking that she is now, as of November 1, nine months sober just went up on her Instagram Stories.

She doesn't have to explain why she wanted one message on her main posts and one to live briefly in her Stories. That's just how she did it.

June Shannon Speaks at the Beach

What fans should be focusing on is offering June their heartfelt congratulations -- nine months of sobriety is a huge deal.

June's use of both crack cocaine and meth was alarming, and only part of her spiral of self-destructive behavior.

We are so glad that she survived that ordeal and that she is taking the effort to put her life back together.

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