Jenelle Evans Mocks Hunter Biden as Crackhead, Apparently Forgets That We All Know About Her Past

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Regardless of your feelings about the outcome, surely, we can all agree that the 2020 presidential election may have been the ugliest in our nation's history.

The nation has never been more deeply divided along partisan lines, and the combative political climate was reflected in the fiery rhetoric employed by the candidates ... okay, just one of the candidates.

biden vs. trump

Shattering the norms of civilized society as he has throughout his administration, Donald Trump repeatedly attacked Joe Biden's son Hunter, noting that the 50-year-old attorney has struggled with substance issues throughout his life.

As is so often the case with Trump's insults and allegations, the talk about Hunter's addiction was picked up by the MAGA crowd and wound up serving as the inspiration for countless cruel memes and social media diatribes.

The great irony, of course, is that the demographic groups that got Trump elected the first time are the ones that have been most ravaged by America's current addiction epidemic.

President Donald Trump in Texas

Take Jenelle Evans, for example.

You would think that as a former heroin addict who still dabbles in ... well, just about every other intoxicating substance known to man, Evans would have an ounce of compassion for what Hunter has been through.

But Jenelle is also a racist, and that her political leanings seem to be entirely rooted in her 1. her bigotry, and 2. her loyalty to her bigoted husband.

Jenelle and Chappelle

And so, Jenelle took yet another opportunity to remind the world how low she can sink by posting this hateful meme that's insulting to anyone whose life has been touched by addiction.

The image and the line "peanut butter and crack sandwich" are courtesy of Dave Chappelle, who probably never imagined his work being repursoed by outraged bigots.

We're not sure of the origins of the caption, "Hunter Biden celebrating his dad's victory," but given the lack of spelling errors, you can be sure it wasn't written by Jenelle.

Jenelle and Hunter

Evans posted the meme on her Facebook page, and it immediately prompted an outraged reaction from fans.

"This is so deeply offensive to me that its actually rendered me speechless," one commenter wrote.

 "She's a terrible human being. How can she make jokes about someone else's drug problems when she was a heroion addict," another added.

Jenelle Takes a Bikini Selfie

"How disgusting. Her hypocrisy knows no bounds," a third chimed in.

One of the most common criticisms of American conservatives is that they only gain compassion for the suffering of others once they experience a bit of it for themselves.

But apparently, Ms. Evans can't even reach that level of human decency.

Jenelle is an addict and will be for the rest of her life.

She wants to be patted on the back for quitting heroin, and yet she demonstrates zero empathy for others who have endured similar circumstances.

So go ahead and bring this latest bit of ugliness to her attention the next time Jenelle whines about strangers being mean to her on social media.

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