Jenelle Evans: I Can Be Racist and Hate Cops at the Same Time!

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These are tense times in America, and many celebrities and public figures are worried about saying or doing something that would add to the suffering of those who are already most affected by this tumultuous state of affairs.

And then there's Jenelle Evans, who's still just spewing word vomit to the delight of people who enjoy roasting her with replies.

Jenelle Evans on Her Birthday

In the beginning, the recent round of Black Lives Matter protests proved to be a very bad thing for Jenelle, as they threatened to remind fans of her lifetime of  bigoted, abusive behavior.

As you're likely aware, Evans is married to a bigot, and in the weeks leading up to the protests, he reminded everyone of his hatefulness by launching an unprovoked, racist tirade against Michelle Obama.

For a while there, Jenelle tried to pull off a difficult balancing act.

Jenelle in Nashville

The goal was not to expose herself as an unrepentant racist, while also not making any sort of public comment that might piss off her neo-Nazi husband.

Jenelle's attempt at a solution amounted to not saying anything at all.

As much as fans encouraged her to break her silence, Evans refused fo comment on the protests, the murder of George Floyd, or the goals of BLM.

Jenelle Evans: Happy with Kids

Last week, Jenelle tweeted a link to a TMZ article about the actions of racist cops in North Carolina.

"This is where I live [cry-face emoji] Why are cops so hateful?" she wrote alongside the story.

Jenelle propbably thought she would be praised for finally acknowledging the problems of racism and police brutality.

Jenelle Evans Eyebrow Kit

But fans were quick to point out that if she's gonna comment on the nature of law enforcement in this country, she should probably acknowledge her privilege.

After all, this is a woman who's been arrested dozens of times and never faced any actual consequences.

"Those same cops are the ones who gave you grace when you pulled a firearm on a man on HIS property and didn't arrest you when your gun was in clear view," wrote follower replied, according to The Blast.

Jenelle Evans at a Salon

"Acknowledge your privilege."

The commenter is referring to Jenelle's infamous road rage incident from 2018.

With her eldest son riding shotgun, Evans chased down a man who her cut her off in traffic and pulled a gun on him when he arrived at his home.

Cops were called, of course, but as usual, Jenelle suffered no legal consequences of any kind.

Jenelle Evans and All Kids

Her followers are right to point out to her that the outcome likely would have been very different if a black man had chased a white man to his house and threatened to shoot him.

Some might be tempted to give Jenelle credit for trying, but we're not feeling quite so generous.

This is a woman who has recently used the N-word and posted pics in which she's proudly sporting a Confederate flag t-shirt.

Jenelle Launches a Website

Oh, and earlier this month, she also got back together with a known child abuser and avowed racist.

Can't forget that.

What we're saying is, Jenelle Evans sacrificed her right to be forgiven for "mistakes" like these a long time ago.

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