Chelsea Houska to Haters: STFU About My Ugly House!

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For a long time, one of the only complaints Teen Mom 2 fans had about Chelsea Houska was that she was too happy, her life was too stable, and her family too functional.

In short, the lack of drama in Chelsea's life made her boring, viewers griped.

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But while she probably preferred her life of quiet domestic contentment, Chelsea's situation has taken some dramatic twists and turns in recent weeks.

We guess the silver-lining here is that critics will finally retire their lame old complaint about Houska being boring.

For starters, there are rumors that Chelsea is leaving Teen Mom 2, probably in part due to the trash talk she's forced to endure from fans.

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Another possibility is that she's simply outgrown the series that made her famous, and there's some truth behind the reports of a spin-off starring Chelsea and her family.

But let's explore the possibility that Houska is planning to step away from the spotlight in order to distance herself from trolls, because it really does seem like she's getting fed up with all the hate.

Houska is pregnant with her fourth child these days, and she's worked hard to build a quiet, family-centered life in the country.

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But even that simple goal has come under attack, as trolls insist on criticizing everything about her lifestyle, including the color she chose to paint her house.

"House is PAINTED. I cannot tell you how many times we went back and forth on what color we wanted to do this house," she recently wrote on Instagram.

"Go classic with a white farmhouse? Or go bold and go with a black/gray farmhouse?! Well....our hearts said go dark SO DARK WE WENT....AND WE ARE IN LOOOOOOVE."

Houska House

Chelsea later followed that up with a new pic of the home's exterior.

"When was the last time I showed the exterior? My dad went out and got some really awesome drone shots the other day and I HAD to share," she excitedly captioned the pic.

"I just love it. Crazy to think how close we are to being done!"

Chelsea House

Unfortunately, Chelsea's followers did not share her entusiasm, with several labeling the house "ugly."

"That house is WAY too black. Yuck," one other Instagram user wrote.

"Hideous. With her house budget, she could have chosen something gorgeous. This is terrible and so is the corn field view," another chimed in.

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Houska has yet to respond to all of this incessant trash talk about her house, but she has issued a warning to fans encouraging them to be nice in her comments section or GTFO.

It seems strange that the most drama-free of all the Teen Moms should need to make such a declaration, but that's the world we're living in in 2020.

Fortunately, Chelsea continues to have far more supporters than detractors.

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"I can’t wait to see the finished product! It’s beautiful!" one fan commented.

"Looking amazing, so happy everything’s coming together so fast for y’all! Lots of lovely memories to be made for sure!" another echoed.

With all that love, it should be easy for Chelsea to focus on the positive -- which is something she's always excelled at, anyway.

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