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By now, you’ve likely read the rumor, right?

You’ve probably seen the report that Chelsea Houska is leaving Teen Mom 2 after a decade as a main cast member, haven’t you?

However, there’s one thing you have not yet come across… we can say that much for certain.

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Chelsea Houska herself has not come out and verified this speculation.

Since the article ran late last week that stated Houska had quit the franchise, Chelsea has posted twice on Instagram:

She shared one photo of herself inside her new house; and another of her kids on Halloween.

Cute, yes. But no mention at all of the most important thing going on in her life right now.

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Before you get all excited about Houska sticking around, however, you should read what her dad, Randy, Tweeted over the weekend.

"Well kids, that’s a wrap," he said.

"Been a fun run on @MTV @TeenMom #teenmom2 What’s next Seriously, tho, it has been a part of @ChelseaHouska entire adult life.

"We all expanded our horizons and grew as people #NoRegrets See ya all on the flip side."

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That sure sounds like someone very close to Chelsea reiterating what The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, a well-known and reliable source, first reported a few days ago.

We’re pretty certain Houska is outta there.

Maybe she’s waiting to break the news herself via some tabloid cover deal for which she gets paid.

Maybe MTV is trying to keep it a secret until the season finale in order to shock viewers at the time — but, either way, Chelsea will not return in 2021.

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According to The Ashley, Houska shocked her own colleagues by informing them of her plans on the Season 10A reunion special, which was conducted last week over Zoom.

“The girls were filming from their homes, along with Dr. Drew and Nessa, and at the end when all of the girls were on-screen together with [the hosts], they let Chelsea make her announcement to them," an insider told this website.

Added this source:

"Chelsea told everyone that she has decided that it’s best for her family if they move on from the show, and that it was a really hard decision.

"But that she feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders."

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No specific reason was given for Chelsea’s departure.

However, she is expecting her fourth child.

She has also just started an eyewear line.

And, heck, she’s been a cast member for all 10 seasons of Teen Mom 2 to date; she may just be ready for a change.

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Soon, meanwhile, MTV will move on and have to decide on a replacement for Houska.

And you know the name that social media users will wonder about, don’t you?

She may be unpopular, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t bring in ratings, which will prompt many folks out there to wonder: