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Briana DeJesus learned an important lesson on Teen Mom 2 this week:

Never have unprotected sexual intercourse with your ex-boyfriend while awaiting an STD test because you just recently had unprotected sexual intercourse with this same ex-boyfriend.

Live and learn, right?

Briana DeJesus Smiles
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We reported in August that DeJesus slept with Luis Hernandez earlier this year and came down with a sexually transmitted disease as a result.

(Luis is the father of Briana’s three-year daughter, Stella, who was conceived when her parents previously had sex in a bathroom without protection.)

On Tuesday night, meanwhile, we witnessed Briana’s reaction to learning about this fallout, which included some pretty harsh words for her ex-lover and also a long, deep, critical look in the mirror.

Early on in the episode, Briana went to Planned Parenthood to get this STD test… and then admitted to sleeping with Hernandez AGAIN while awaiting the results of this physical exam.

Briana DeJesus as a Teen Mom (2)
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"As far as us hooking up and it being unprotected, we need to also communicate if you do something with somebody else or I do something with somebody else," Briana told Luis after these bedroom romps.

"I’m on birth control, so I’m not worried about anything of that nature," she added.

"But as far as everything else that comes with unprotected sex, I care about my health and stuff and I don’t want something to happen."

Briana and Miguel
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Luis simply said the pair had to be "straight" with each other, but Briana didn’t take well to this advice after being told she had contracted chlamydia from her baby daddy.

This disease can be treated with simple antibiotics… but it sucks to have!

And DeJesus is certain Hernandez gave it to her.

"I have not processed that he gave me an STD, STI, whatever the f–k you want to call it," an angry Briana said in a confessional after a call with Luis.

This anger didn’t subside, either.

"I don’t think he cares," she continued.

"I think he’s the type of person that will find out if he has something from his partners.

"I wish I would have protected myself, worn a condom or something. I don’t really know how to feel about it, I feel like it’s not real, but it is real."

Watch Teen Mom 2 Season 11 Episode 4 Online
Watch Teen Mom 2 Season 11 Episode 4 Online

And there it is, readers: Just wear a condom, okay? You can’t be too safe.

DeJesus, meanwhile, received support from her mom upon calling her with the news. 

"What a f–king dick. I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t know what my reaction will be when I see him," said Roxanne. "I might have to beat his ass."

Briana vowed to never sleep with Luis again, but her outspoken parent wasn’t done giving a classic speech in response.

"The point is, what kind of reckless life is he living that he’s exposing you and everybody around him to it?" she fumed. "He’s reckless. He apparently doesn’t give a f–k about nobody but his own [bleeped]."

Bri D
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Turning to another relative, Briana also vented to sister Brittany, telling her the same thing she told their mom:

No more sex with Luis!

What should she say to him about the results, though?

"Tell him his dick is crusty and that he has to go put bleach on it," Brittany replied.

Bri De

Funny stuff, but Briana was concerned with a serious subject: The estranged couple’s toddler.

"Whatever vibes we were having is totally shut down and the only person that’s gonna lose out is Stella," said Briana.

"What if he is so embarrassed and ashamed and turns the other cheek and doesn’t come around anymore?"

"That shows his f–king character as a man," Brittany told her sibling. "That shows he’s not a man and is a piece of shit."

Well, yeah. But he’s still her daughter’s dad.

"That’s what I was scared of, something like this getting complicated and him walking away from Stella," said Briana.

Briana, as you might expect, as been roasted by fans ever since it leaked that she got this STD.

But it doesn’t sound as if she regrets having cameras follow her around during the experience.

Briana DeJesus Sells Tea

She told People Magazine this summer that her goal was to "to teach others that it’s okay to get tested and it’s okay to talk about it."

The MTV personality added at the time:

"And that kind of bit me in the ass because something came up positive in my test results.

"I hate that I have to relive it over again because I’m finally over it, but hopefully it’s more of a learning experience for everybody else.

‘I hope people can learn from my mistakes because I’ve made tons of mistakes."