Audrey Roloff: Did She Just Hint at Trouble in Her Marriage?

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Audrey Roloff literally wrote the book on marriage.

Or, rather, Audrey Roloff literally wrote a book on marriage, as the former Little People, Big World star and her husband penned a best-seller two years ago titled "A Love Letter Life."

But here's the thing...

Roloffs on Halloween

... just because you write a book about marriage, this doesn't mean you have a perfect marriage.

Over the summer, many critics actually jumped down Audrey's throat for how she presumes to know everything about how to maintain an ideal romance.

And now it appears as if these critics have extra ammunition.

Then again, they may be reading way, way too much into an innocent comment Audrey made late last week on social media.

Roloffs Ride Bikes

Allow us to explaiin, okay?

Late this past Friday night, Audrey posted a photo of Jeremy speaking with someone on his cellphone in their garage, while she snapped the picture from across the room.

Along with the snapshot, the mother of two asked fans in a “yes” or “no” poll on Instragram:

Anyone else’s husband disappear to the garage to talk on the phone like clockwork at bedtime?

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Anniversary Pic

Whoa there, huh? Shot. Fired.

This may have just been a harmless remark on Audrey's part, but you've gotta imagine there was at least some kernel of truth behind the complaint.

The majority of her followers, meanwhile, voted “No” to the poll question, while fans on Reddit expanded on their thoughts on the question she posed and the photo she shared.

Emphasizing their concern, one user responded to the inquiry by writing: “Not the ones who are happily married."

jeremy poll

Others, meanwhile, took things to an extreme.

They didn't thiink Jeremy was simply shirkiing one of his parental responsibilities... thought they he was being unfaithful!

“Yikes. And she’s laughing about it,” one Redditer wrote.

“I trust my husband, but I would think he’s cheating if he is always leaving to talk on the phone."

Audrey and Jeremy Together

This feels like an overreactioon.

As you can see above, Jeremy is standing in the same room as his wife. He even appears to be talking on speakerphone.

This isn't a cheating thing, we don't think.

This is just Audrey complaining a bit about Jeremy suddenly breaking off to chat on the phone instead of helping her put son Bode and/or daughter Ember to sleep.

Outside with the Roloffs

Asked about individual:

“Auj, how could you be oblivious to this?! Lol. Unless it was made on purpose to call Jer out and be passive aggressive on social media because there's some type of tension in the home."

Audrey and Jeremy have been married for six years now.

They do seem to be generally happy, but Audrey was blasted during an Instagram q&A in August when someone cited her memoir and asked:

“You’ve only been married a few years. How do you know what’s in the book works?"

Audrey Roloff Holds Book

Replied the author and podcast host:

"Do you believe you can learn from people’s story?!"

As for how she learned the lessons she tries to impart in the book?

"The hard way, from experience, couples we look up to in the season ahead of us, reading a lot, seeking Jesus and His heart for marriage and relationships, our pre-marital counselors, community/church."

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