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Audrey Roloff is, once again, getting dragged by critics who think she’s entitled narcissistic and just plain ignorant.

The former Little People, Big World star really is not very popular these days.

Audrey and Jeremy Together
Photo via Instagram

The latest hate coming Audrey’s way comes after she announced on Instagram that the book she published last year with husband Jeremy, "A Love Letter Life," has now been published in Germany.

Said the podcast host and occasional author online yesterday:

"A Love Letter Life is now officially published in German!!!

"It’s pretty surreal to have our book published in another language and we are so excited for our story to encourage, equip and inspire love stories in Germany to pursue creatively, fate inetntionally [sic] and love faithfully!"

Roloff Book Cover
Photo via Zondervan

Along with this German book release, Audrey jumped on Instagram for a Q&A with fans to promote the memoir.

And then she probably regretted doing so immediately.

Audrey and Jeremy haven’t even been married for five years… and they weren’t even married for four years when they originally released the memoir in the U.S.

As a result, a number of social media users out there have no idea what qualifies the couple to be doling out any sort of so-called "official" relationship advice.

Look at Our Book!
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"You’ve only been married a few years. How do you know what’s in the book works?" asked one individual as part of this weekend’s question-and-answer segment with Audrey, to which the mother of two replied:

"Do you believe you can learn from people’s story?!"

Maybe? We guess?

But literally every single couple in the world has a story. Not every couple in the world writes a book that acts as if the words inside are gospel.

Upon seeing Audrey’s initial response, one Redditer noted that it was a “classic method of deflection” to answer one question with another.

And then another fan asked: “How did you learn all of the things you talk about in the book?”

Audrey at least gave a more detailed answer this time around, as you can see below.

Wrote the ex-reality star:

"The hard way, from experience, couples we look up to in the season ahead of us, reading a lot, seeking Jesus and His heart for marriage and relationships, our pre-marital counselors, community/church."

This response didn’t sit too well with many folks out there.

"I’ve been marrried for 35 years! Their book is BS!" another critic left as a comment.

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People have been called out the Roloffs on this same topic for over a year and a half now.

Back in April 2019, when Jeremy and Audrey were promoting the book in America, the twosome were trashed for offering up some awful marriage advice

It’s also worth noting, perhaps, that Jeremy didn’t acknowledge his wife’s birthday in public this summer, prompting some to wonder whether this romance is in trouble.

If this is really the case, and if the Roloffs get divorced, do you think they should give refunds to everyone whoo bought their book?