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Five years after Josh Duggar confessed to molesting a multitude of girls when he was a teenager, including his own sisters, the disgraced ex-reality star has been featured in a new selfie.

Courtesy of his wife, Anna.

Anna and Josh Selfie

The mother of six — yes, SIX! — posted the above snapshot this week after presumably checking off her and Josh’s selections for President of the United States and other local offices.

"Better late than never!" she wrote as a caption.

"If you haven’t voted yet…Vote NOW while the polls are still open! littleduggars #vote #electionday #2020 #2020vision."

Anna, of course, did not mention just whom she voted for, which is her right.

Anna and Mackynzie Duggar

But does anyone doubt it was Donald Trump?

The issue of who should serve as President for the next four years has suddenly become a divisive one for the Duggars.

To their credit, a number of family members haven’t just voted… they’ve publicized their voting and encouraged folks around the nation to do the same.

Jill Duggar, however, may very well have voted for Joe Biden, which would be the latest example of Jill breaking free from her strict, controlling and conservative loved ones.

Josh and Anna Anniversary Photo

Anna, sadly, will never do the same.

Back in 2015, Josh admitted the aforementioned molestation incidents.

He then admitted to cheating on Anna via the adultery website Ashley Madison — indeed, not only did Josh sleep around, he slept around with random women he met online.

And yet: Anna never gave off even a hint of hesitation. She has remained by her awful husband’s side throughout these scandals and even birthed him another baby last year.

Josh, Anna, and Family

Anna did go radio and social media silent for a bunch of years, though.

Of late, however, she’s seemingly come out of her shell a bit.

Just a few days ago, for example, Duggar actually responded to online trolls, insisting her immediate family was not poor and not actually living in a warehouse, as has been rumored for months.

Really, there’s been talk that Josh Duggar is living in a warehouse with his children and his wife.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

Anna, meanwhile, also recently appeared to criticize her mother-in-law and father-in-law for only including her kids on the TLC hit Counting On during "rare occasions."

We have no idea why she would want to expose these young ones to the public in such a manner, but, hey…

… maybe she needs the money.

Anna and Josh, of course, used to star on 19 Kids and Counting. Until the latter’s molestation scandal forced the cancelation of that long-running program.

Anna Duggar and Some Family

In even more scandalous news involving Josh, this disgraceful human being was ordered to pay thousands in legal wages last month after he was accused of illegally purchasing land.

Josh — who was sued in April 2019 by Carl Echols for illegally purchasing a five-acre property he owned — was ordered to pay attorney’s fees and costs in the amount of $5,000, according to Arkansas court documents.

It was a confusing case, but:

Carl alleged he purchased the property in 2006 for $17,500.

Josh then bought the land for $1,000 in 2016, even though Carl had been paying property taxes and even lived on the acres.

At a September 10 court hearing, which Josh did not attend, it was ordered Carl is the “owner” of the property, with the title being confirmed in his name.

The overriding and main takeaway here, even if one doesn’t comprehend every last detail?

Josh Duggar is a total sleazeball.