Tyler Cameron: My Relationship with Hannah Brown is Complicated, Okay?!?

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Tyler Cameron knows what you're thinking and he knows what you want to ask him.

You can go ahead and try if you'd like to.

But just don't be prepared for any kind of helpful answer, okay?

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown in Greece

Fresh off another sighting of Cameron with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, Cameron spoke on Monday to Us Weekly.

The topic of conversation? His relationship with Brown and whether or not he could actually define it in a specific manner.

We mean, come on now... the realiity stars must be together and boning right?

They're clearly a lot more than mere pals.

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown Meet!

“We need to learn how to be friends. You know what I mean? Like we struggled, you know, with our relationship and trying to figure out what it is,” the 27-year-old told this tabloid of post-show life.

And now? With The Bachelorette many months in the past?

“We’re in a great place right now with each other and it’s great to be able to hang out, you know, grab dinner, it’s fun.

"Hannah’s an amazing person and it’s good to be in a better place than we’ve been.”

Hannah Brown and Ty

Brown, of course, dumped Cameron on the finale of her season and selected Jed Wyatt as her fiance.

But that guy sucked really hard and ended up lying to Hannah about a previous relationship and she ended their engagement after just a few weeks.

On the After the Finale Rose special, which aired iin July of 2019, Brown asked Cameron out on a date -- and he said yes!

The pair were then spotted out and about on multiple occasions and seemed to be a legitimate item for at least a little while.

Hannah Brown and Brother

Eventually, however, Cameron and Brown went their separate ways and all hope seemed to be lost.

Until, that is, they showed up in Jupiter, Florida together in March and actually quarantined as part of a large contingent of friends in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were just trying to be friends that we couldn’t even figure that out then,” Tyler explained to Us about Hannah living at his Florida home earlier this year.

As you can see, things between the hotties have been complicated forr awhile.

Hannah & Tyler

Most recently, as mentioned above, the pair were seen having lunch with Tyler's friend Jacob “Brown Bear” Laham in Los Angeles late last month.

“[Bachelor Nation] shows so much support to me and Hannah,” Cameron said to Us, after acknowledging the photo that circulated on social media of their meet-up.

“So I can’t thank them enough for that.

"But yeah, we were just hanging out actually, you know, at a little restaurant.”

No word on whether they took a trip to Pound Town later that same night.

Tyler Cameron with Hannah

Bachelorette fans are just dying for Brown and Cameron to get married.

Considering they don't even seem to be more than f--k buddies riight now, though, that sort of lifelong entanglement likely isn't happening any time soon.

We'll just need to settle instead for the occasional get-together and the subsequent speculation that blows up Twitter.

It's sort of fun at least, isn't it?

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