Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Reunite: Oh PLEASE Be Dating Again!

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It's no secret that much of the Bachelor Nation wants to see Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown together again.

This week, they got their wish ... sort of. The two were spotted hanging out again, and shippers could not be more excited.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron: Quarantined Together

On Monday, September 28, observers noted a very special reunion.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron were spotted dining out with Tyler (and Hannah)'s friend, Jacob "Brown Bear" Laham.

News that these amicable exes and their mutual friend were hanging out quickly circulated on social media.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron TikTok Dancing

Jacob is a familiar face to Bachelor Nation fans who followed Hannah and Tyler's thirst trapping, flirty TikTok antics back in March and April.

He is a member of the "Quarantine Crew." He is also a photographer.

Jacob later uploaded a selfie with Hannah, writing across the Instagram Story pic: "LA Skater girl vibes @hannahbrown."

Hannah Brown and Jacob Laham IG selfie

Obviously, social media was abuzz, as many consider Tyler and Hannah to each be each other's "one that got away."

They get along very well, they have off-the-charts chemistry, and Tyler made it very far on Hannah's season -- before losing to a guy who hadn't been very honest about his intentions.

It doesn't hurt that they are both majorly hot. And who among us can forget how steamy their romance got on Hannah's season?

Matt James and Tyler

At first, a theory began to circulate that maybe Hannah and Tyler were in town together to film for Matt James' upcoming season of The Bachelor.

Now, Matt is also a familiar part of the Quarantine Crew.

It is very common for friends familiar to the Bachelor Nation to show up to lend advice and moral support.

Matt James, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron in Florida

But if the laws of time and space are operating as they usually do, that simply does not check out.

Matt's season has already started filming in Pennsylvania.

So things aren't adding up for them to be doing a guest spot -- not right now, at least.

Matt James, Tyler Cameron Shirtless

In fact, Hannah's recent activities have been more recreational than professional.

Recently, she was spotted hanging out with Hannah Godwin and Demi Burnett, celebrating her birthday. This is a weird year for birthdays.

These three gorgeous Bachelor Nation faves somehow managed to find a way to enjoy the lingering warm weather before things turn blissfully cool.

Hannah Godwin, Hannah Brown, and Demi Burnett on the Water

Obviously, fans are beside themselves speculating about whether or not Hannah and Tyler might be veering back into friendship territory.

Speculation has never been higher than it was in March and April, when the Quarantine Crew came into being.

Hannah and Tyler opted to spend weeks on lockdown together during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tyler Cameron with Hannah

Look, you don't have to be a fanfiction author to see the romantic implications of two gorgeous, single exes on good terms sheltering in place together.

There's plenty to do indoors -- it's not like it's the 1970s -- but sooner or later, some people will use "boredom" as an excuse to bone.

The premise is obvious, the chemistry undeniable, and so many fans would love to see it happen.

Tyler Cameron, Mom

Of course, it's not like they've remained in lockdown together for the entire duration.

After a while, Hannah ended up heading home to spend time with her family.

We're reasonably sure that she took numerous precautions before making contact with them in the face of this deadly virus.

Tyler Cameron Gets Dumped

Clearly, despite the horrible realities of this ongoing pandemic, Hannah and Tyler have not forgotten each other.

It is no surprise to hear about them hanging out again, either.

Once in the Quarantine Crew, always in the Quarantine Crew. Besides ... they had real history before that.

Tyler Cameron, No Shirt Needed

Tyler actually gave a very direct interview some time back about how he had needed to learn to hide his erections from the cameras.

He and Hannah would have intense makeout sessions off camera and then suddenly need to film again. Sometimes, they'd have to wait for his boner to subside.

Yes, ABC would blur things if they needed to, but he wanted to avoid embarrassment and TMI. It was bad enough that he was effectively making out in front of his parents.

Hannah B. and Tyler C.

Those aren't the sorts of memories that you forget easily. Truly, reality TV can be a singular experience.

To follow that up with sheltering in place together? These two have left an indelible impression upon each other's lives.

Many fans believe that, whether it's next week or years from now, Hannah and Tyler are all but fated to end up with each other.

Hannah Brown Bikini

Of course, in real life, sometimes people just want to be friends, and that is what the two have insisted that they are to each other: friends.

In fact, interviews earlier this year saw them both dropping the word "friend" left and right.

Maybe they'll explain why they were hanging out again, and if this was more than just a friendly meeting between "friends."

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