Briana DeJesus Returns to Teen Mom 2, Talks Pregnancy Plans With New Boyfriend

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It's only been a week since Briana DeJesus quit Teen Mom 2 during an angry Twitter tirade directed at the show's producers.

But as most fans predicted at the time, she didn't make good on that threat.

Briana Takes a Selfie

The turnaround is no great surprise, especially since Bri's reason for leaving the show was almost unbelievably petty.

It seems that DeJesus' new boyfriend, Javier Gonzalez, refused to take a Covid-19 test.

Everyone directly or indirectly involved with filming -- including children and family of crew members -- is required to submit to routine testing.

Bri De

“Even if they don’t film him, he’s around her a lot, so they need him to test negative. It’s part of the COVID regulations," a source told The Ashley's Reality Roundup at the time.

"They can’t film with her until he’s tested because he’s around her so much and is a tattoo artist so there’s a risk of exposure," the insider added.

Apparently, DeJesus' new dude found this simple request unacceptable.

Javier Gonzalez

"When Briana was informed of this, she flipped out and said it wasn’t fair and that [the producers] can’t force her to do anything," the insider added.

“They are not filming [with her] at all until they can come to an agreement. If she doesn’t agree to have him tested, the crew can’t film around her.”

It all seems very reasonable and straightforward, and as a tattoo artist in Florida, Javi should have been undergoing regular testing, anyway.

Briana DeJesus Boyfriend

But for unknown reasons, he refused.

Fortunately, someone (probably Bri) was eventually able to talk some sense into him.

In an Instagram Story posted on Monday, Bri posted a pic of cameras mounted to her car in order to confirm that she had returned to filming following a very brief hiatus.

Javier 3

Seems like Javi's stubbornness on this issue would have been a major red flag that would have made Bri wary about the future of the relationship.

Instead, she's apparently planning to get knocked up by the guy.

Yes, in a very surprising Instagram post, Briana referred to Javier as her future baby daddy.

Javier 1

She may have been joking (God, we hope she was joking), but this is the world of Teen Mom we're talking about.

Guys tend to go from "new boyfriend" to "baby daddy" awfully quick in that environment.

And what did Javi 2.0 do to earn this prestigious promotion?

Javier 2

Why, he bought Bri a new pair of Crocs, of course.

Mind you, this isn't just any pair of Croce, it's the Bad Bunny Classic Clog, which retails for $70.

Considering Javi very nearly cost Briana a job where she earns nearly half a million dollars a year, purchasing some rubber footwear seems like the least he could do.

Briana DeJesus in a Zaddy Shirt

"Lol f--k MTV lol they love to choose and pick what matters and what doesn't matter lol I don't get paid enough to be treated like sh-t compared to these other self-centered b-tches,"  DeJesus tweeted at the time.

"I'm ok with not filming!" she added.

Clearly, Briana is capable of getting very angry over a very simple request from her bosses.

Fortunately, she's also capable of getting very excited about a pair of Crocs, so we guess it all evens out!

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