Bachelor Nation Members Actually Sending Money to Tyler Cameron to Buy Engagement Ring for Hannah Brown

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Welp, this is a new one.

And sort of a troubling one, to be honest.

Hannah Brown and Ty

For many, many weeks now, Bachelor Nation has sat back and watched the shenanigans of Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron... wondering, speculating and hoping.

Wondering about their romantic status. Speculating about how serious their relationship is.

And hoping they end up together.

The former Bachelorette and former Bachelorette runner-up spent several days together in quarantine last month, sparking rumors of, at minimum, some serious boning between the parties.

Tyler Cameron with Hannah

This flirtatious isolation took place, of course, after Brown selected Jed Wyatt as her fiance back on the Season 15 finale -- only to then dump the lying loser a short time later.

She then rekindled things with Cameron, her attractive second-place finisher, and the two seemingly enjoyed a brief fling.

That is, until Cameron struck up a romance with model Gigi Hadid and he and Hannah went their separate ways.

We all figured chances for a lifetime connection between the reality stars was over and done with... until the aforementioned quarantine in Florida.

An Excited Hannah

A couple days ago, however, Brown said she was single, crushing the dreams of hardcore Team Hyron (Team Crown) 'shippers everywhere.

Yes, the ex-lovers are still talking, even joking around on Thursday night Instagram Live session.

(“What did you ever win?” Brown quipped to Cameron during the chat, in reference to how she picked Wyatt over him on season 15 of The Bachelorette.)

But they aren't actually dating and, therefore it's safe to assume, they won't be walking down the aisle any time soon. Or at all, really.

Tyler Cameron Gets Dumped

Still, this friendship zone update hasn't stopped some members of Bachelor Nation from doing all they can to change the future.

Meaning what, exactly? Meaning this:

Some fans have started donating money to Cameron’s Venmo account for an engagement ring fund. We're, sadly, not kidding.

Tyler Cameron on the Finale

“I know engagement rings are expensive so I thought I’d help you out for Miss Hannah Brown,” one person wrote.

Another person agreed: “My generous contribution to Hannah Brown’s engagement ring. I hope it’s not too much. Get her something nice.”

To be clear, we don't know exactly how much money these people sent to Cameron.


Hannah Brown Again

For starters, this relationship is none of our actual business.

It's fun to joke about and comment on, yes. But to get actively involved in this manner? To give any of your hard-earned money to a total stranger so that he can propose to another person you've never met?????

No, people.

Just... no.

Hannah Brown at the PCAs

“Tyler and Hannah are very much aware of the attention that’s been on them recently,” an Us Weekly insider has said, adding:

“They have a lot of love for each other. It’s been a hectic year for them both and they finally found some time in their schedules to connect."

Brown, meanwhile, confirmed her single status while discussing having babies on Instagram Live on Tuesday, April 14.

“I don’t … you have to have a significant other for that. And I don’t. So. It’s not really …” she said at the time.

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