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Little People, Big World has aired only one episode of its latest season.

But Amy Roloff just gave fans of this franchise some hope that a bunch of new episodes may soon be on the way — as part of a brand new season!

Amy Roloff and a Pumpkin

Posting on Instagram in promotion of the premiere this past Tuesday, Amy explained to followers why the latest installments were filmed SO long ago.

"These episodes were suppose to air in the spring, during last season, but w/ COVID, filming was on hold for 3 + months," she wrote as a caption to the photo below.

This is why viewers watched Amy and Matt fight over the former selling the latter of a portion of the farm on the return episode this week…

… even though that sale went through way back in November 2019.

"When it was safe we went back to filming to finish them up. I think this is awesome we’re airing them now instead of waiting til later," Amy added in her caption, prior to dropping a bombshell:

"In the meantime, we’re back to filming for next season, kind of, while being very mindful of COVID still going on and keeping us all safe (crew and family and friends)."

Wait, what?!?!?!?!?

This is the first we’ve heard about Little People, Big World already prepping for a new season.

Amy Roloff on New Season

The news has not yet been confirmed by TLC and, as Amy notes, it’s nearly impossible to predict anything in the middle of a pandemic.

But the Roloffs remain quite popular and the show is cheap to produce and the odds of new episodes airing in 2021 are quite high.


Elsewhere, Amy also confirmed that she’ll be part of the family farm’s busy pumpkin season this fall, despite selling a second, huge chunk of the property to ex-husband Matt in August.

Wrote Amy as a caption to a photo of herself on her doorstep three days ago:

″Fall is here. Woohoo! That means Pumpkin season is here too. Roloff Farms is open for pumpkin season. It’ll still be a fun family time just a different kind of fun because of the challenging times we are in.

"Check out the Roloff Farms website to make reservations and for more info –"

She added:

″I’ll be there in costume helping out in the fall pumpkin season festivities.

"Hope to see some of you there in mask and to say hi.

"#rolofffarms #pumpkinseason #lovefall #leavesandapples #cideranddonuts #amyroloffssecondact.″

Pumpkin season is by far the most lucrative time of the year at the farm, and is often highlighted on Little People, Big World.

After initially saying he was unsure if he would be able to host it this year, due to the coronavirus, Matt Roloff updated fans several days ago with some major news.

"We’re gonna open for our pumpkin festival, but it’s going to look very, very different — extraordinarily different than any years past," Matt said in an Insatgram video.

″It’s going to take place in a more intimate setting, although we’re going to stretch out,″ the father of four explained.

″We’re going to give everybody access to a walking trail here on the farm… Never let everybody kind of walk into this area of the farm.

"They’ve seen some of it from a distance on the wagon tours."

As with all things these days, there is a caveat.

″You’ve gotta make a reservation," said Matt, who directed viewers to the farm’s website.

″There’s gonna be a fee involved. Yes, I know in the past we’ve always opened the farm with no charge, no parking fee, but this year’s going to be different."

The farm will open October 2, he added, when the family is ″reasonably certain the air will be fresh" in the wake of the disastrous wildfires that have ravaged the west coast.

Those have caused serious problems for Oregon residents — and for the relationship of two Roloffs relatives, as well.