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Usually, when the internet starts screaming at Farrah Abraham, it’s because she engaged in another act of horrendous parenting.

But there are other reasons to get upset with the Sophia’s mom as well.

Photo via Instagram

For example, we don’t diagnose someone we’ve never met, but it seems that Farrah might have developed a full-blown addiction to plastic surgery.

Just a few weeks ago, Farrah underwent a botched Botox procedure and was roasted by fans when she proudly posted the results on Instagram.

Now, she’s going back under the needle, and as always, she’s sharing the experience on Instagram.

Farrah's Facial

This time, Farrah underwent something called a Forma facial, which involves a clear gel being applied to her face and then stripped off with some sort of black wand.

"Cheeky want you to feel me @adrine.aestheticrn @doctorrahimd #facecontour #bestskinever #skintightening #skincare #facial #dermatology #pores #be," Farrah captioned the since-deleted video of her procedure.

In case the barrage of hashtags didn’t already make it clear how she feels, she went on refer to the facility she was in as "One of my fav places."

Photo via Instagram

It might be a little less invasive than most of Farrah’s procedures, but there was still a doctor involved, so this is hardly your typical facial.

Clearly, Farrah was expecting to be praised for her commitment to beauty, and she was probably rather taken aback when commenters started suggesting she take a break from having work done.

"Learn to love yourself. You’re barely recognizable," one follower wrote, according to The Sun.

Photo via Instagram

"Please just stop doing things with your face. You are beautiful the way you are!!!!!" another added.

"At some point you need to be just satisfied with how you look," a third suggested.

That’s all sound advice, which is one of many reasons that Farrah won’t take it.

Besides, do you think Ms. Abraham will stop messing with her skin right at the start of spooky season?

No, she just announced that because she’s a "cool mom" (a la Amy Poehler in Mean Girls), Farrah will be forcing her daughter to put on a costume every freakin’ day in the month of October.

We’re guessing Farrah and Sophia have very different definitions of "cool."

Farrah For America

"This October Halloween is ALL MONTH LONG! Because I’m a cool mom who loves characters! Guess which costume I’ll post first?!?" the elder Abraham wrote on Instagram.

Hey, maybe she can change things up and try on a "responsible mother" costume?

Nah, just kidding. We wouldn’t want to stretch the limits of believability here.