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One day, the sad news will come and TLC will cancel Little People, Big World.

But Amy Roloff can now take solace in the knowledge that another job on another network will likely be sitting there, waiting for her.

Indeed, the reality star is apparently well-prepared to host a series on HGTV about property-flipping.

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We say this because Oregon property records reveal that Amy has officially sold a portion of her family’s farm to her ex-husband, Matt.

She didn’t merely sell it, however.

She raked in an ENORMOUS profit.

The aforementioned documents, which were obtained this week by Radar Online, state that the mother of four sold this section of land for a whopping $667,000.

To put this in perspective? 

In 1990, newlyweds Matt and Amy purchased the farm together for just $185,000.

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The debate over the future of this property and whether or not Amy was going to sell it to Matt was the main storyline on Little People, Big World this  past season.

It prompted a number of arguments between the exes, who split over three years ago yet who have continued to work together and live in close proximity to one another.

At one point on the series this spring, Amy slammed Matt for bullying her about the farm.

"I just want to make the best decision," Amy told the camera at the time of why she was taken so long here to figure out next move, adding:

"Moving out of a house that I never really thought I’d move out of years ago. … to think about that now is a little daunting. It is a little scary, it’s a little intimidating because I’ve never really been on my own before."

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Here’s the confusing thing, however:

Amy did NOT sell Matt the land on which her actual house sits.

She sold Matt a segment of the land around where his actual house sits so that he can renovate it and work on however he sees fit.

In early June, Matt shared a lengthy message on Instagram in order to explain just what was going on with this sale and the farm debate in general.

"I have chosen to buy (and Amy has chosen to sell) me only one side of the farm," he wrote, explaining that pumpkin season was very much a go and elaborating as follows:

"For now she is only selling me her partial share of ownership in the side (DW) that I live on…

"She will remain in her house (and on the farm) and 1/2 owner of our original farm until she decides to leave."

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Amy has made it clear, though, that she has decided to leave.

She is in the process right now of looking for a new home away from the farm.

Someday, Matt told his followers, "we will jointly work to sell the side she lives on together.

"This may happen in the future but it’s not happening yet!

"The only change (for now) is that I will take title to the DW and can decide to remodel it to be more accessible with a lower kitchen or walk-in shower like my home in Arizona."

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In conclusion, Matt — who recently made it clear he wants to move to Arizona full-time — wrote that little is changing about the business or the farm as fans know it.

But down the line?

"The future may be different …but Now is Now …and this is where we are at this moment in time…. Maybe one of the kids will eventually buy it?? Who knows?"

Might this kid be Jeremy? 

The family’s oldest son has said he wants to maybe run a farm someday.

For now, though, we can’t predict his future or the future of any Roloff, with the possible exception of Amy:

She’s probably dining on champagne and lobster tonight! Way to make a killing, Ams!