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Allies on air.

Enemies on the computer.

This appears to sum up actors Paul Wesley and Matthew Davis, who co-starred for years on beloved CW drama The Vampire Diaries — as Stefan and Alaric, respectively — and who also co-starred Wednesday night on Twitter.

wesley and alaric

In one of the more unexpected social media feuds of the month.

It all started because both Wesley and Davis were watching the Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

The latter, it quickly became apparent, was a fan of the current second-in-command and believed that he wasn’t being treated fairly on this national stage.

“It’d be nice if the moderator would stop interrupting Pence and let him finish his point,” Davis Tweeted, referring to Susan page of USA Today, who emceed the event.

Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Matthew Davis

Wesley replied almost immediately, firing back at his supposed pal:

“It would also be nice if pence answered the question he was originally asked rather than deflecting.”

Both actors eventually deleted their Tweets, but not before they were captured by followers for all of eternity — and not before Davis made things pretty personal.

“Paul likes to vote for criminals and losers, just like he did in 2016,” he wrot. “Your opinion on the matter carries little weight as far as I’m concerned. Next.”

Wesley didn’t take this slight quietly, however.

“You’re mistaken!” Wesley responded, using Davis’ description of Hillary Clinton as a ‘criminal’ and ‘loser’ against him by adding: 

“I didn’t vote for trump in 2016.”

The popular star followed that up by citing the herb that made vampires weak on the aforementioned show, Tweeting:

“Alaric drank some vervain he’s losing it.” 

For the record, a refresher here:

The Vampire Diaries aired for eight seasons, going off the air in March 2017 and leading to a pair of spinoffs: The Originals and Legacies, the latter of which heavily featured Davis as Alaric.

Wesley, for his part, portrayed Stefan Salvatore, who was turned into a vampire at age 17 during the 1800s.

He was the main love interest of Elena Gilbert, who was played by Nina Dobrev.

As the former colleagues continued their Twitter battle, Davis took aim at Wesley’s “super classy” fans and made it evident that he wasn’t interested in their witty responses, writing “Yawn” in a separate post.

Wesley, however, noted that it was all in good fun… perhaps.

“Lighten up baby boy u know u miss me,” he wrote, before signing off with a final positive message:

“@ImMatthew_Davis love you buddy.”

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley Promo Pic

Wesley endorsed Clinton in 2016 and has been pro-Joe Biden/ Harris in 2020.

Davis, conversely, has been retweeting Donald Trump’s post-hospitalization videos, as well as news stories about anyone endorsing him in this election.

During the Presidential debates, he did label both candidates as “equally incoherent.” 

But it’s clear where he stands.

“MAGA has never been about Trump. It’s not even his slogan, it was Reagan’s,” Davis wrote this month, elaborating as follows:

“Until people realize Trump is a symptom and not the cause, someone else will just take his place and the fight will continue. You can defeat Trump, but you can never defeat the love of this country…

“People love Trump because he’s given voice to those who feel bamboozled by the last 4 administrations.

“They forgive his course nature because he has the courage to take on an entrenched bureaucracy that seems more than [happy] to sell off America bit by bit to the highest bidder.”