Javi Marroquin, Lauren Comeau Hint at Separation In Emotional Instagram Posts

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It's been a full week since the first airing of the Teen Mom 2 episode in which Kailyn Lowry accused Javi Marroquin of trying to have sex with her in a convenience store parking lot.

And amazingly, Javi's fiancee, Lauren Comeau, has yet to offer a public reaction to the allegation.

At the Ballgame

But many fans believe she's been making her feelings known subtly, through cryptic social media posts.

This, of course, is not the first time that Javi has been caught cheating on Lauren.

And the folks who have been closely analyzing Lauren's Instagram page believe she's sending a message that it will be the last time.

Lauren on IG

“I hope that even on the hardest of days, comfort finds you. I hope you can allow yourself to trust, that even when it feels so far away, joy will always remember the route to your door,” the 28-year-old mom shared via her Instagram Story on Monday.

“And I hope, as hard as I know it is, that you can be gentle with yourself in the waiting.”

Taken on its own, the quote could refer to Lauren's desire to end the relationship, or she could be signaling that she's planning to try and work things out with Javi.

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau Selfie

However, the quote comes on the heels of an earlier post in which Lauren seemed to reveal that an important "phase" in her life was coming to an end.

"This necessary ending will lead you to find your true life path and purpose which you are prompted to fully undertake," the post read.

Adding to fans' suspicion that Javi and Lauren have called it quits is a recent Instagram Live post in which Javi reveals that he's been going to church and desperately seeking forgiveness.

“[It’s] no secret that this year has been hard on me, my family, my friends,” Javi said as he fought back tears.

From there, Javi revealed that he “need[s] to ask the Lord to kind of guide [him] in the right direction.”

He added that he is looking to put together an online prayer group that would assemble “first thing in the morning" -- specifically, 6:30 am.

Lauren Comeau Photo

“It’s kind of lonely by myself,” Javi told his followers in the hope that some of them will want to join his early morning prayer sessions.

“I went back to church and I was looking for a sign,” Marroquin said, as first reported by Hollywood Life.

He added that he's searching for “some type of sign” that he’s in “the right direction to fix [himself] and figure out all these issues”

Lauren Comeau with Her Man

In the comments, some fans were supportive, while others accused Javi of using "crocodile tears" to seek sympathy.

He certainly seems contrite, but this could also be part of a calculated effort by Javi to save his marriage.

For her part, Kailyn says she has apologized to Lauren for making her allegations in such a public fashion.

We're sure Lauren was appreciative of the gesture -- but it seems like it's Javi who needs to be making apologies these days.

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