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Teen Mom 2 fans were shocked last year when they learned that Kailyn Lowry was expecting a second child by Chris Lopez.

The situation is even more surprising in light of new information about Kail and Chris’ first child together.

Lopez 3

We learned this week that Chris demanded a DNA test after son Lux was born, as he apparently doubted that the child was really his.

Kail was the first to reveal that one of her baby’s fathers demanded a paternity test during the latest episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast.

"I knew who I slept with and have never questioned any of my kid’s dads," she said, avoiding mentioning Chris by name.

Kailyn Lowry and a Selfie

"I had to get a DNA test against my wishes – I knew who the father was but he didn’t believe me," Kail continued. 

"I didn’t know what to expect, I thought ‘baby gets their mouth swabbed and dad gets their mouth swabbed,’ and that’s it. But I walked in and [the nurse] said ‘So you don’t know who the dad is?’ She flat out asked me," Lowry explained to her co-host, Vee Rivera.

"When I tell you the humiliation that I felt. I knew who the dad was, I never questioned it, I knew exactly who the dad was."

Kail, Jo, and Vee

Vee is the wife of Kail’s first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, so it was immediately safe to assume the story wasn’t about him.

That left only Javi Marroquin and Chris.

Smart money would have been on Lopez anyway, but we actually don’t need to guess, as he basically confirmed that he was the one who demanded the test.

Chris Lopez Smiles

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, an Instagram follower asked Chris point-blank if he was the one who doubted his son’s paternity.

"Did someone recently say this about me on a podcast?” he asked in response.

Obviously, if Chris wasn’t the one who made the request, he probably would have simply stated as much.

The paternity test apparently followed the birth of Lowry’s third son, Lux, who was her first by Lopez,

Kailyn welcomed her fourth child, her second by Chris, back in July.

Fans have called Creed’s paternity into doubt due to the color of his skin, but Kail maintains she never had any doubt that the boy was Chris’.

Kailyn Lowry: I Nearly Got an Abortion While I Was Pregnant With Creed

"Anyone sent money for that DNA test since they sure that ain’t Chris’ baby?" a fan recently asked Lowry on Twitter.

"LMAO, nope. But we are ready when they are," Kail responded.

While Lopez has reportedly not been very active in his sons’ lives, he did spend last weekend with both boys, as evidenced by this photo posted on his Instagram page.

Chris Lopez and Kids

In the past, Lowry has accused Lopez of being an "Instagram dad," meaning that he posts pics in order to give the impression that he’s a more attentive father than he actually is.

She’s made no such accusation this time around.

But even so, it seems clear that she’s not thrilled with the quality of Chris’ parenting.