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Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava is known for thirst trapping fans and taunting exes with her incredible body.

But given that her ex-husband has happily moved on, fans want to know who Anfisa is seeing these days.

Jorge Nava Was Released from Prison
Photo via Instagram

Jorge was released from prison in early May.

Quickly, he showed off his impressive body transformation.

Jorge wanted to enjoy his freedom and flaunt his revenge body, of course. But he also wanted more.

Photo via Instagram

First and foremost, he had vowed even before release that he would file to divorce Anfisa. Their date of separation was November 19, but separation is not a divorce.

He accused her of abandoning him while he was behind bars — and said that part of what drove her to cut ties was jealousy.

When Jorge started getting attention for his massive weight loss, he says, Anfisa got huffy and quit taking his calls.

Photo via Instagram

But Jorge’s fame, charm, sympathetic story, and good looks mean that his love life was never going to begin and end with Anfisa.

In fact, back in June — just a month after his release from prison — Jorge introduced the world to his new girlfriend.

Recently, he has shown off this mystery woman. They look head over heels for each other.

Photo via Instagram

But while Jorge was moving on with his life, Anfisa was breaking up with the new man she had found while he was locked up.

It does not seem that her breakup was at all motivated by a desire to once again reunite with her husband.

Instead, they seem to regard each other with contempt. So … who is Anfisa seeing?

Anfisa Nava in a White Blouse
Photo via Instagram

This summer, we reported that Anfisa Nava had split from boyfriend Leo Assaf.

Though it is unclear exactly which day they broke up, it is believed that they were still very much together when Jorge was released from prison.

This means that Anfisa and Leo split some time between the middle of May and some time in June.

Anfisa Nava and Leo Assaf
Photo via Instagram

As summer began, Leo confirmed that they were single.

He did, however, emphasize that he still had a tremendous amount of love and respect for Anfisa.

After acknowledging that he had initially believed rumors that Anfisa had immediately moved on, Leo stated that the rumors were untrue.

Photo via Instagram

These days, if Anfisa is dating anyone, she is keeping it under wraps — and we mean a secret, not just using protection.

Her Instagram pages are filled with bikini shots and thirst traps, flaunting her killer abs and incredible figure.

So if there’s someone else in the picture, they don’t seem to be "Instagram official."

Anfisa Nava Flaunts Her Booty in Red
Photo via Instagram

Time may have taught Anfisa the difficult lesson that public attention can make a relationship worse.

There is a certain type of person who will slide into the DMs of a random man simply because a reality star is dating him.

Additionally, fan scrutiny and hateful comments are almost inevitable when you’re dating while famous … unless you hide the romance from fans.

Anfisa Nava Says Good Morning on the Beach
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That said, this is a terrible time to be dating, given the pandemic that still ravages the country (though California is doing better these days).

Anfisa is also a student, intending to get her business degree as an entrepreneur.

If she’s taking some time off from dating, that’s a loss for many hopeful partners, but her gain.