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Well, we’re not sure how anyone could still be undecided this late in election season, but in case you’re still on the fence, here’s a fact that might have you pulling the lever for Joe Biden:

Jenelle Evans is voting for Donald Trump.

Jenelle Is Very Angry

We assumed this of course, as David Eason is an outspoken Trump supporter, and Jenelle took on everything from his swamp-monster accent to his political views when they got married.

But she’s usually pretty quiet about her political beliefs, as she seems to realize she has neither the mental capacity, nor the conviction to defend them.

Plus, she really wants to become famous again, and she’s savvy enough to know that expressing her Confederate separatist views would ruin whatever chance she might have of returning to the spotlight.

Jenelle Can Count

But with the election just weeks away, hot take season is upon us, and Jenelle wants in on the idiocy.

She posted the meme below this week, simultaneously taking jabs at both Taylor Swift and Joe Biden.

"Taylor Swift for Biden. No surprise! This is a girl that has made millions singing about her bad choice in men!" it reads.

Setting aside the fact that the wording renders this virtually nonsensical, it’s the sort of quip that people who have never said a clever thing in their lives think is a sick burn.

So of course, Jenelle ate it up.

"The caption is everything," she wrote, adding a "100" emoji, in case you were unclear about he fact that she really, really likes this lame-ass meme.

Jenelle Evans For QAnon

As her followers were quick to point out, Jenelle shouldn’t be ragging on anyone for their "bad choice" in men, as she was hinting at yet another breakup with Eason like two days ago.

"Definition of Ironic: Jenelle bashing another woman about having bad choice in men," one person commented.

Yeah, say what you will about Taylor Swift, she probably wouldn’t stick with a guy who shot and killed her dog during one of his infamous temper tantrums.

Jenelle Loves Weed

Also ironic: Jenelle patting herself on the back for taking a bold stance on Twitter … and then deleting it the second she gets the slightest pushback from people who actually know WTF is going on in the world.

Go and look for that tweet now.

You’ll find that it’s as hard to locate as evidence that Donnie’s not still walking around with a softball-sized mass of the ‘rona in his lungs.

Evans also spoke out on Trump’s decision not to participate in a virtual debate.

This is something she’s apparently uniquely qualified to comment on as someone who used to appear on an MTV reality show.

"I’ve been involved with TV and behind the scenes since I’ve been young… I would never trust anything but an in-person debate," she tweeted.

Jenelle in Tears

"Producers can be shady. #TrustIssues," Jenelle added.

"You never know what shady things people can pull behind a ‘virtual’ debate. It’s not 100% fair."

Yes, because producers refusing to turn the cameras off while you inhale your morning chemicals is exactly the sort of thing that would go on during a live presidential debate.

Jenelle Evans Instagram Live

Come to think of it, she and Trump might actually have similar concerns there.

After that tweet failed to drum up the support she was looking for, Evans switched venues and began posting about the president on Instagram.

This time, she came after the hosts of Good Morning America, spewing out what she no doubt thought was an earth-shattering observation:

"Reporting about [Donald Trump] not wearing a mask while not wearing a mask," she wrote.

Well, that tells you how often Jenelle watches the news.

And sadly, this is the sort of thing that’s going on all across the country these days.

Jenelle Is Upset

Every election season, everyone you know becomes a current events expert, even when they’re the kind of person who turns on Good Morning America and is shocked — shocked! — to see that the hosts aren’t wearing masks the whole time.

It’s that time of year when people who couldn’t tell you the name of their congressperson with a gun to their head begin posting lengthy Facebook rants about the finer points of the Constitution.

We’re not saying "low information voters" like Jenelle aren’t entitled to their opinions, we just sometimes wish they’d keep those opinions to themselves and let the grownups talk.