Farrah Abraham: Looking at My Bikini Body is Self Care!

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In Farrah Abraham's latest bids for attention, she has done everything up to and including smack her daughter while wielding a vibrator.

Now, she is demanding attention, threatening to show increasing amounts of skin until she gets it.

Farrah Abraham bubblegum bikini tiktok still sophia background

Farrah Abraham is no stranger to showing her body.

We don't just mean her sex work, from masturbating on camera to doing full-on porn.

She loves to flaunt her body in barely-there bikinis, including this one.

Farrah Abraham Sprays Herself

Wearing a bubblegum bikini, she is putting fear into the hearts of her followers.

Sophia is of course right there in the pool while her mother is demanding attention.

Spraying herself on camera - while some wonder if Sophia is holding the camera - Farrah is trying to reenact her concept of "sexy."

Farrah Abraham Lounges in a Bubblegum Bikini

To make matters worse, Farrah isn't posting this on a personal account.

Instead, she is posting it to the TikTok account that she and Sophia share.

While plenty of Sophia's peers have (with supervision, since she's not a teen yet) their own Tiktok accounts, Sophia has to share one.

Farrah Abraham DEMANDS Attention in a Bubblegum Bikini

Worse, she has to share one with her mother.

Imagine trying to get a friend to check out a video that you made.

Then imagine realizing that your friend might see your mom doing this:

Farrah Abraham Dances Poorly on TikTok

On the positive side ... we guess that Sophia doesn't actually have any peers or classmates to see that.

Wait, that's not a positive side.

Sophia's whole world revolves around Farrah. It's an atrocity if we're being perfectly honest here.

Farrah Abraham self care video weirdness

The bubblegum bikini shenanigans are not all that Farrah has gotten up to, however.

The former MTV and CamSoda star has also decided to launch a "meditation app."

Fans cannot decide for themselves whether this is real or fake.

Farrah Abraham Teaches Sophia Abraham to Be a Bully

In a shaky, oddly edited video, Farrah drones about self care.

Folks, I'm no audiophile, but I have to agree with the fans who are saying that it sounds like she just recorded the audio on her phone.

The fact that Farrah feels qualified to do any kind of guided meditation is laughable enough.

But then, this is Farrah.

Farrah Ex on the Beach

She feels qualified for anything and everything.

She is the walking opposite of Imposter Syndrome.

Farrah's disconnection from reality cannot be passed on to others, however. She cannot disconnect you from your problems as if my magic.

The celebrity's recent behavior on TikTok and Instagram has been especially atrocious, perhaps out of sheer boredom / a lack of better things to do.

Who's to say. But whatever the reason, the result isn't good.

Farrah Abraham Workout Pic

For the past month, millions of Americans have joined in courageous protests from coast to coast, taking aim at racism and escalating police violence.

Farrah, instead, filmed herself yelling at protesters and bragged about calling the police on people passing below her.

To Farrah, any attention is good attention.

Farrah Abraham Screams at Passersby

Of course, Sophia may be wising up to how obnoxious her mother is.

Recently, the 11-year-old tween recorded and shared a video of Mommy Dearest berating a fast food worker.

She branded Farrah as the "ultimate karen," even mocking the way that her mother name-dropped herself.

farrah abraham jack in the box ultimate karen - ult

Folks, fast food workers are not paid enough to deal with your BS. Unless they stab you, be nice.

Farrah's love of attention is nothing new.

But TIkTok, a dubious app that can never fill the void left by Vine, is giving her yet another attention stream.

Farrah Abraham in Paris

It sure seems like she doesn't care if people hate or love her, so long she gets a reaction.

In that respect, maybe she should consider a run for president in the not too distant future.

Oh, Farrah.

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