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Meri Brown said this week that she really wants to be left alone.

The Sister Wives cast member came out with a pretty harsh statement that demanded privacy from her large contingent of social media followers.

But then?

Meri Brown on Herr Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Brown came out yesterday and once again seemed to make her private life as public as it gets.

Sharing a number of memes and quotes to her Instagram Stories page, Meri certainly appeared to take some clear shots at spiritual husband Kody, writing for instance:

Being kind does not mean allowing people to walk all over you. It means setting healthy boundaries with others.

Because you must be kind to yourself before you can show true kindness to anyone else.

It’s important to note the timing of Meri’s words of wisdom here.

As previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, the TLC star traveled to Utah last week to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the inn that houses her bed and breakfast.

Meri’s daughter joined her there for a gathering, as did Meri’s niece.

Kody did not. Neither did Robyn. Nor Christine. Nor Janelle.

Meri with Mariah Brown

In response to this snub, Meri carried on her tradition of sharing mysterious memes online.

Just a couple of days after the aforementioned anniversary, she talked about surrounding oneself with only positive influences.

"Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need," Meri’s meme a few days ago read, continuing as follows:

"People who genuinely care. These are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through."

Photo via Instagram

Fast forward to her latest meme barrage and Meri is once again referencing how she feels about Kody and the other Sister Wives.

Not directly, of course. But come on…

"I am choosing to trust I have not been forgotten," reads another new message on her account.

Hmmm. Forgotten, huh? A week after your immediate family ignored an important occasion of yours, huh?

These dots are not hard to connect, you guys.

Meri and Kody, of course, got married in 1990.

They seemed pretty happy for over two decades, but then Kody filed to divorce his first wife so he could marry Robyn and legally adopt her kids from a previous relationship.

For very understandable reasons, this major relationship hiccup has caused irreparable damage to the romance.

Meri Brown in Her Mask
Photo via Instagram

Yes, the couple has talked about getting a fresh start and discussed the idea of pretending like they’re just dating and getting to know each other again.

On the most recent season of Sister Wives, Meri said their marriage has been “pretty rocky for a while” during a therapy session and Kody admitted he “regretted” their relationship

He said Meri always plays the "victim" and he’s sick of it.

Can anyone therefore blame Meri for not wanting anything to do with Kody any longer?