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Kody Brown is becoming an awful lot like Waldo these days.

No, he’s not wearing glasses.

He’s not rocking any red and/or white stripes, either.

However, the Sister Wives patriarch is forcing many observers around the globe and the Internet to ask one pressing question…

its kody and meri


We asked this question just a few days ago when Kody’s granddaughter underwent a very serious medical procedure and Kody never even visited her at home.

We also asked this question early in the pandemic, when Kody was absent from the social media accounts of all his spouses and never seemed to utter a word in public… ever.

Now, meanwhile, we’re asking this question because Meri Brown just celebrated a pretty impressive milestone.

Photo via Instagram

The Sister Wives cast member has been in Utah over the past week to celebrate Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Meri, of course, has  owned this bed and breakfast for the past few years, raising its profile tremendously around her home state and actually earning money from the business venture.

(This is more than Kody and most of his other spouses can say.)

“TODAY IS THE DAY! We are announcing our fully virtual 150 year Anniversary Event! We are SO EXCITED for ya’ll to celebrate this special occasion with us!" read a message on the establishment’s Instagram page over the weekend.

Continued this same page:

"We will be doing a week full of challenges and will be sharing your photos and tags to our stories and page. 

"Every challenge completed will get you an entry into our 2-night stay giveaway alongside extra entries from BINGO, Scavenger hunt, and Bake-along.

"On Saturday August, 29th, we will be hosting a day of activities on the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn Instagram that include a bake-along, all day giveaways, house tour and more!"

Meri was on hand for the occasion, as was her daughter Mariah, and her fiancee, Audrey Kriss, who joined Meri over the weekend at the inn to help make banana bread.

Meri’s sister Rebekah and her nephew even jumped in for the festivities, as they helped with her LuLaRoe Facebook Live clothing sales.

Missing from the gathering, though?

Kody, along with Christine, Janelle and Robyn Brown.

Meri with Mariah Brown

Did anyone really expect anything different, however?

Meri has been making it clear for several weeks now that she basically has no relationship with Kody whatsoever.

And she seemingly took another shot at her alleged loved ones on Sunday for their lack of support in Utah.

"Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need," she wrote.

Added Meri via the above meme:

“People who genuinely care. These are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.”

Seriously… SO well said, right?!?

It’s evident at this point that Kody only makes Meri depressed — so why she waste any more miliseconds of her life spending time with him?